1. 4 Tips to Choose Secure WordPress Hosting 

    If you run a WordPress website, it’s important to have the right type of hosting. You can read more about choosing a reliable Managed WordPress Hosting Company here.

    In this article we are going to get a little more geeky into some server difference that often (or at least should) be addressed on a good WordPress hosting plan.

  2. Wordpress Hosting - Raleigh & Charlotte

    Choosing Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

    If you have a WordPress website, it’s important to have a hosting plan that is optimized specifically for WordPress performance. There are several Managed WordPress hosting providers out there, so it can be tough to determine who you should trust and rely on for your company’s website. Should you choose a large company with a national marketing presence or do you opt for a local hosting company serving the Charlotte or Raleigh areas?

    It is important to note that just because you purchased your domain name from a specific company, it does not mean that you must use their hosting services. In fact, it a common practice for people to buy from one domain provider but choose someone else for web hosting, but most hosting companies can provide both services if you need it.

  3. GDPR Compliance: We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

    In order to comply with the recent GDPR requirements which go into effect on May 25th 2018, we have updated our Privacy Policy.

    If you have a website and have questions about how the GDPR may affect you, check out this article by WP Beginner.

    You may also want to consider a plugins such as this one for adding GDPR compliance to your website.

    If you have any questions about how we handle your data, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.

  4. Managed Wordpress Hosting - Raleigh, Charlotte

    Why You Should Use Managed WordPress Hosting

    Most business owners, wear a lot of hats to keep their business up and running. Consequently, things like website content, content management and web hosting management are responsibilities for which most business owners don’t have time for.

    As a managed WordPress hosting company, Page Progressive is able to help you boost your local area business (Charlotte, Raleigh or Triangle) to be stronger than ever, while you focus on your business. If you have never heard the phrase “Managed WordPress Hosting,”  you may be wondering why it is so important. So, let’s break things down a bit before explaining how a managed WordPress hosting plan could benefit you.

  5. Is Your Website GDPR Compliant?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a recent mandate of the European Commission and is designed to strengthen and unify data protection. It is being enacted May 25th of 2018. With this implementation, there will be a number of changes in the way that data is stored – thus affecting many people’s websites. This is because even if you live in the U.S., if you collect data from someone in Germany, your site has to meet the EU (European Union) standards so users can manage their data.

  6. Fast Websites - Raleigh NC

    Do Plugins Slow Down WordPress Sites?

    Having a website that performs well is critical to having good ranking in search engine results. Consequently, the Page Progressive team takes time to learn how to use tools and procedures that make your WordPress load as quickly as possible.

    Tthere is speculation by website developers that too many plugins can affect the speed at which your website loads and works. Recently, some research was done to determine the correlation between performance and plugins. It should be noted that while there is no exact number on how many WP plugins would be too many, this doesn’t mean you should have dozens and dozens of plugins – simply because they are available. The team at Elegant Themes shared their study results of how plugins can affect a WP site. These numbers may give you a better idea of how plugins affect loading time, but your results may vary depending on how your website is set up.

  7. SEO Strategies Raleigh NC

    SEO Guide for 2018: Incorporating Holistic SEO

    We all know that content is king of the web, but there is much more to ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) than just having a plethora of content with some keywords worked in. Today’s websites must also combine elements such as ensuring a great user experience (UX), being mobile friendly, containing quality backlinks and executing effective search engine optimization (SEO). With that mind, it is important to ensure your website incorporates what has become known as “holistic” SEO strategy.

  8. Should 2018 Be the Year You Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

    A decade ago, voice search seemed like something relegated science fiction. But voice search is now a very real aspect of people’s lives who use voice-based interaction with devices, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google. 

    This amazing feature uses voice recognition software to translate the spoken word into text and makes it easier to interact with your device or search for something on the web. It could be something simple like, “Where is the closest gas station?” or “Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?”