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wordpress-pluginIf you are running a WordPress website and you can’t remember the last time you updated WordPress and your installed plugins, then this is for you!

Updating WordPress and plugins regularly ensures that your website is running with the latest features and most importantly has all of the latest security patches applied. Just like with your computer updates, your website system needs to be updated regularly too to minimize the threat of a hacker exploiting your site.

To make sure you are staying on top of your WordPress updates, we are releasing a new monthly service where we will update your WordPress install and all your plugins at least once a month for $15 a month.

If you are interested, contact us here or call us at 919-374-3014.


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Page Progressive is an answer to prayer. After using several web "helpers" and being either disappointed or ripped off, I had the good fortune of finding Daniel and his company. They are prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and fair. He has even given me advice on how to save money when it cost him personal business. Anyone who employs him or his people will not be disappointed.

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