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We have all been there. After spending time crafting the perfect blog post, it is time to place the image(s) that can take it to the next level. But, there’s just one problem. We don’t have any images available that truly tell the story we want.

This definitely presents a problem – especially if one does not want to pay for a membership to stock photo sites. However, there is a solution. There are a number of trustworthy sites where you can find the perfect images for your needs – and you can use the images for free on your website or commercial endeavor. Just one caveat – in order to save yourself a lot of trouble, be sure to read each site’s terms carefully, as they may have other terms you need to be aware of, like you must cite the website you got the image from, or you can’t use their art in a logo. 

Top 6 Websites for Free Commercial Use Stock Images

  1. Pixabay – This is perhaps one of the most well-known free images sites on the Web. It is home to more than 900,000 free photos, vector graphics, illustrations and even videos. These images can be downloaded, modified and used in any way without concern of attribution.
  2. OpenClipArt – With over 80,000 images that can be used in any way you like, there is sure to be an image that will work for your needs. Whether it is updating a logo, adding it to a blog post, or any other purpose OpenClipArt is a great place to look.
  3. Freerange – This site is a perfect resource for all your images needs. With thousands of high-resolution stock photos to select from, you are sure to find the perfect image for your project. For those who are photographers, Freerange also offers revenue sharing when you add pics of your own.
  4. Pexels  This is a relative newcomer to the stock photo world, but it has quickly grown in popularity with writers, designers, artists, programmers and others who need great images at a price (free!!) that works with any budget. In addition to the images, you can also download high quality stock videos making it one stop shopping for your image needs.
  5. Freeimages – This site is contributed to by designers and photographers all around the web. It is home to more than 350,000 quality stock photos that can be used for whatever you need. It is also a great place to share your designs or pics.
  6. ApoPix – With more than 19,000 free images, with new ones being added all the time, it is likely that you can find what you need for your projects. ApoPix is a royalty-free site, where attribution is not required.
  7. PikWizard – This Irish company offers stock images and videos which are free for personal or commercial use. You can read their license here.

Finding images for your website can be frustrating and time consuming, but when you find that perfect image, it is worth the time spent. If you are looking for ideal pics for your projects or perhaps first need someone to craft the perfect website, then talk to the team at Page Progressive and get started today.