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When it comes to building awareness of your business or product, there are many different approaches you can take such as email marketing, SEO, Pay-per-click ads or press releases. Many people neglect to develop a plan for successful social media marketing, however.

When social media was first introduced, many people failed to see how it could help their business. But as time went by, enterprising marketers began using the various social media platforms to showcase their products/services, translating into more sales and better customers.  Here’s some tips to make sure you are on the right track.

6 Social Media Tips for 2018

  1. Consider Hiring Someone for Content Creation. It can be difficult to balance your time between working your business and promoting your product. Hiring a content creator will free you up for things that are a better use of your time.
  2. Implement Video Content. If you are already using video content, then 2018 is the time to up your video creation game. It has been proven time and again that people remember what they see and hear far better than items they only read about.
  3. Don’t Forget about Sites Such as Snapchat and Instagram. With the ability to post brief videos that give viewers a snippet of the behind the scenes at your company, plus the numerous filters for videos, pictures, and other forms of media combined with #hashtags and text, these sites are prime places to show what your company has to offer.
  4. Take Advantage of Live Streaming. Whether it be Facebook Live, Vine, Periscope or another platform where streaming can be done, be sure to take advantage of this in the upcoming year. With mobile phones constantly updating their hardware, there is no reason not to take advantage of the ability to live stream and to interact with those watching. Consider doing a product promo, a Q&A session, a behind the scenes or any other focus that gets you noticed.
  5. Be Generational! While everyone is still going on about reaching the Millennial generation, keep in mind that they aren’t the only consumer market. Start focusing on those known as Generation Z – the Millennial’s younger sibling. This is the generation that was born in the late 90s and early 2000s and are the first generation to grown up where technology is part of their everyday world. If you want to reach them, you must go to where they are online!
  6. Be Engaging. This is more than creating graphics and videos that get attention, but also includes interacting with those who comment with you via social platforms and social media. This is where having a content creator or social media manager becomes vital.

Social media is a great tool that allows you to promote your business to people all around the globe. When you implement these tips, you can take your company to new levels and be more successful than ever. If you have questions about getting the most from your social media platform(s) or working with a social media manager, contact the team at Page Progressive today.