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The Story Behind Your Brand

You may have a great idea for a new company. Perhaps a business plan,  a work space, and perhaps even a website in the works, but what about your company brand?  For many new businesses, branding can be an afterthought, and typically as a result their marketing and profit is stunted.

Anyone can through together some clipart and text and call it a logo. But a well-designed logo tells a story and conveys emotion with just a glance. Here are some best practices on how to develop a good brand:

Know your audience.  Be sure you have identified who you are marketing your product or services to. Knowing the demographic will help you hone in on what your design should like.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Trying to implement the various elements of a company brand does not have to fall on your shoulders. In fact, it is best to work with people who can listen to you and learn about your company, and then apply their experience and expertise to develop something that makes your company memorable.

Use color well. Be sure to use colors that align with the mood of your products or services. Look into the psychology of what colors mean. But be careful that your colors work well for the various types of color blindness and also conveys well to greyscale.

Be wary of trends and clichés. Like anything else, logo styles follow trends. Remember those will change over time. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. 

Keep it simple. From Apple to Nike, there are many simple logos out there that are iconic. Nearly anyone from elementary school age and older can identify these logos. A simple logo goes a long way to helping your company become a household name.

Don’t “borrow.” Obviously, you should not plagiarize. But, don’t copy another company’s design. Not only can you get into legal hot water, but you will likely find problems when it comes time to trademark your logo.

Keep it flexible. You will want your logo and branding to translate well on a variety of mediums, IE: from paper to clothing. Also your logo needs to work well in different sizes and aspect ratios.

Designing a company brand should not be taken lightly. After all, it is what people will define your company by. All your marketing materials will follow from the colors, fonts, line and visuals of your brand, so it’s important to get that right. The Page Progressive team is skilled in crafting company logos that get attention and tell your story. Talk to us today to learn how!