Recently a friend told me about Pando,
a program that lets you send files up to 1GB for free to someone else
that has Pando. It’s free and easy to install and plugs right in to
most email programs, so it’s very convienent to use. And due to the
limited capability of email – which takes forever to send big files and
sometimes doesn’t even work, Pando is an excellent alternative.
Also, Grisoft is releasing it’s new 7.5 version of it’s antivirus program. I’ve been using the 7.1 version for some time and it’s been great. There is a free version of 7.5 available here
for personal use. It even runs on Linux 🙂 If you run Windows and
don’t have any antivirus program, I highly recommend this one. In fact,
I recommend running two antivirus programs in Windows, since Windows
users are almost always the target of virus attacks. Don’t forget to
scan for spyware and adware too!