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Have you considered a custom web-based application (or web app) for your business? Along with scads of new technologies, web apps are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional desktop software.

Think Google Apps, for example, now commonly used for office tasks such as word processing and spreadsheets previously done with various desktop applications. Similarly, there are webmail, web forms, online banking, online shopping apps that have become part of our everyday lives.

Web apps are accessed through an internet browser and are not dependent on a specific platform or device for operation. Mac or PC, laptop or tablet or phone — it does not matter.

The days when you purchased software for your Mac or PC from a box in a brick-and-mortar store are long gone. Now multitudes of apps can be accessed directly online, either at no charge or by paid subscription.

If your business could benefit from automated processes and custom functionality online, web apps may make that more feasible than ever before. Here’s why:

5 Benefits of Custom Web Apps for Business

  • More Cost-Effective: New apps must be tested on various browsers but no longer need to be tested on multiple platforms. This simplifies development and trouble shooting, thereby reducing programming costs.
  • Easily Customizable: Creating a unique interface or appearance for your web app is akin to creating a custom website.
  • Cross-platform Data Sharing: Web apps are more likely to share data between them since both are created for access via internet browsers. (Example: Integrating webstore and accounting apps to track sales.)
  • Security: Most web apps operate from dedicated servers with secured connections and professional monitoring. Centralized data storage improves security and simplifies back-ups.
  • Direct Access: Users log on from any location or device and always access the most up-to-date information.

Does Your Business Need A Web App?

Here are some questions to ask to find out:

  • Are key competitors using custom apps?
  • Are end users (clients, employees, stakeholders) unhappy with current systems?
  • Could a custom app increase engagement with customers or streamline work processes for team members?
  • Was the current interface created three or more years ago or designed specifically for desktop users?
  • What is the anticipated return from a custom web app?

Have questions about how a web app could benefit your business specifically? Contact Page Progressive. We would be happy to talk with you and discuss the online functionality you need.

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