Measure Twice, Cut Once

Woodworkers have a simple concept of measuring each piece twice before cutting anything. There is wisdom in that, and it applies to a variety of disciplines. When designing a brochure or a website, it’s easy to jump into the look of the project: What colors will be used, where will the logo go, what type of navigation, etc. But it’s critical to ask “Why?” before going down that path. Why are we developing a new website? What are we trying to accomplish? Who will this new website serve, and what do they need to know or do? The thinking behind the purpose of a project should always supersede aesthetics, and that is the approach we take.

Our design process includes:

  1. Initial meeting to determine your needs and budget
  2. Written proposal of the project for your approval
  3. 40% of total project cost due [50% + printing costs for print work]
  4. Research into demographics, competitors, your personal thoughts and preferences
  5. Design proof provided to you for approval
  6. 40% of total project cost due
  7. Project completion and review of your project [and familiarize you with its operation, if the website uses a content management system]
  8. Quality testing for technical problems, design modifications and browser consistency [for web projects only]
  9. Final payment of 20% due [for print work, the final 50% of our quote is due upon delivery]
  10. Optional feedback materials to evaluate our work and service