Staff bonuses are determined by 2 things.

1) The company profitability has to be above a pre-determined point to make sure we can cover our company’s cash-flow and financial obligations. A percentage of any surplus is re-invested into our staff as a means to encourage “above and beyond” activities.

2) Staff performance: Each staff member is evaluated based on client feedback, amount of work produced that month and how well they adhere to activities that align with our corporate culture which is outlined below: The Page Progressive Culture is defined in a Google Doc that you should have access to, but the gist of it is we characterize the company in 4 areas:

  1. timeliness – how quickly do we respond to clients needs and do we stick to our timelines
  2. friendliness – are we showing our clients and other staff members that care about them and treat them as a person and not just another task on your to-do list
  3. diligence – are we going the extra mile to anticipate the needs of our clients, doing proper testing, and communicating clearly with them (Or are we taking shortcuts because the client may never know?)
  4. innovation – are we seeking to improve ourselves professionally through “extra-curricular” activities such as attending seminars, reading in our area of professional development, experimenting with new technologies, etc.

The form below is one way that you will be evaluated on the above areas. In the questions below, rate yourself (5 being you are the bomb and 1 being you totally slacked off this month specifically in this area). I’m aware that some of these questions apply more to some staff than others and will certainly consider that when reviewing these. I don’t expect you to be all 5’s all the time in all areas but I do expect you to be honest.


Staff Evaluations

  • Friendliness

    You made sure to be *extra* personable in your communications and have chosen your words carefully. Rate yourself by entering a value of 1 (poor) -5 (uber-awesome).
  • Timeliness

  • Diligence & Profit-Mindedness

  • Could be things like going to a networking event and representing Page Progressive, referring someone to us for work, etc. This refers to things outside your normal "Doing work well" kind of activities.
  • This could be help you provided to staff, or advice to clients, or putting in extra effort with a particular project that you didn't get paid specifically for.
  • Note, look for opportunities to introduce clients to other services we offer like hosting, graphic design, logos, programming, internet marketing, writing. But don't suggest the service directly - ask questions and relay to Daniel if you think one of our services may help them, and to the client you'd just say "I wonder if we can help you with that. I'll ask Daniel to connect with you. Would that be okay?"
  • Innovation

  • Personal coaching, classes/seminars you've attended, books you read, tutorials you did, etc.
  • Describe any personal projects you've worked that benefits Page Progressive and how much time you put into that effort this month. We will pay you up to one hour for this time if it qualifies. Examples may be writing a blog post, posting on social media for the company, developing a new technology, improving our procedures, writing documentation, attended networking event representing Page Progressive, etc.
  • I acknowledge that I am being honest in my personal reflections indicated in the responses above.
  • For example, conflict resolution, training on the billing system, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.