The "Info Pages" module for the XOOPS and ImpressCMS platforms is one of the several modules that we have developed to make editing information for our clients as easy as possible. We are continuously adding new features to our modules, but I wanted to make a list of some of the more recent exciting updates to the Info Pages module. if you are interested in upgrading to our newest release, let us know!

  • Spellcheck
  • Automatic image resizing for images that are too large
  • Pop-up lightwindows for requesting information from a user before letting them view the page
  • A timer to let you know when your session time is about to expire
  • The ability for non-admins to post new pages to be approved
  • A dropdown to easily link to other pages on the site
  • A seperate image and file storage space per user
  • The ability to assign "Junior editors" to pages who can make updates, but those updates must be approved by the page owner before going live
  • Support for embedding Flash Video files
  • YouTube video integration
  • Tools for correctly pasting in content from other editors such as Word
  • Management of multiple website menus

And remember, we’re adding more goodies all the time, so check in with us if you’re interested in upgrading to get access to these and more exciting features!