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As we bring our mini-series on social media to a close, it would be remiss of us to leave out Google Plus and LinkedIn. These two platforms are, for many, the least utilized, but that does not make them unimportant. These platforms offer some unique opportunities for social media engagement – especially if you take the time to learn about them! So, without further ado, let’s get started.


LinkedIn (LI) is a more business-focused platform that allows you to post your resume, connect with other professionals and promote your company. It began in 2002, and as of May 2017, there are just over 500 million members. There are more 128 million users in the U.S. alone, but only 3% of the users post on LinkedIn every week.  However, this low frequent user percentage should not detract you from utilizing this platform. Rather, it means the field is wide open for building and engaging new followers and business opportunities.  Consider these tips from LinkedIn pros:

  • Set up a LI company page and make regular updates —especially those that spread news about press releases, new blog posts or other company achievements.
  • Be sure your updates include headlines, text that is short (think Twitter!) and a clear call to action. Like Facebook, always include images or a video to garner interest.
  • Once you have a company page built, set up Showcase Pages to make it easier for followers to learn information about specific services or products.
  • Although shorter posts are a must, take advantage of long-form posts (similar to blogs) to show others your expertise in your industry. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, these long posts are encouraged. Better yet, should your post be picked up by LinkedIn’s editors, it will be added to their channels and you will get even more coverage.
  • Enable and embed SlideShare presentations into your company page to boost engagement and direct more traffic to your website.

Google Plus

While Google Plus (G+) has not had the huge growth that other social media platforms have, it is still a viable platform for business –especially for those small companies looking to boost their online presence. It focusses on two features – Communities, which allow you to connect with like-minded industries, and Collections which allow you to group posts by topic so locating information is easier. To get the most from your G+ company page, keep the following in mind:

  • Fully optimize your company page profile to attract followers. Use keywords, images that tell a story, video, etc. to let others know all about your business. Be sure to enable reviews, indicate operating hours, and include your company phone and address.
  • Follow others. If someone follows you, return the favor.
  • Join communities and interact with those in them.
  • Update your G+ page often – ideally at least 1x every 72 hours.
  • Respond and interact with those who comment or +1 (similar to Likes on Facebook) your posts.
  • Use #hashtags and keywords in taglines.
  • Have a G+ custom URL with your full name or business name.
  • Share your blog posts, using the title and a brief description on your page as soon as the post is released.

These platforms should not be overlooked when setting up social media accounts for your company. If you have questions about implanting social media for your business, give the pros at Page Progressive a call today.