If you use Mailchimp for managing your email lists, then you may want to check out this notice from them. More than likely this will not affect you but it’s still a good idea to make sure any integrations your website or social media has tied into MailChimp still works after February 18th.


Here’s their notice:

If all goes as planned, we’ll be launching MailChimp v8 this Monday, February 18. It’s got some big, beefy changes that we need to tell you about before we go live…

Multi-user Accounts & Permissions

Multi-user accounts and permissions are coming to MailChimp (yes, finally). So you’ll be able to invite different users to your MailChimp account and specify different levels of access for them, and each gets their own username and password. There will be four different accounts with different roles and permissions.

Details about v8

Important Ramifications

You know something important’s going on when we use the word “ramifications.” If you use Account Keys, the MailChimp API, or if you use an integration that uses the MailChimp API, you need to read this:
  1. We’re phasing out the Account Keys feature. If you’ve issued Account Keys, they’ll all be converted into Admin-level users. If you have any Account Keys that aren’t in use, you can sign in to MailChimp now and revoke them. Or, just wait till we launch and adjust their accounts down from Admin level.
  2. The MailChimp API is not yet built to support multi-user accounts. We’re working on that now. The API will work fine (there won’t be any disruption) but there isn’t any permissions granularity in the API yet.
  3. So that means integrations that use the API (or our mobile apps) will only work if you sign in as an Admin-level or Manager-level user.

If you’re reading this email and saying, “What’s an Account Key, and what’s anintegration that uses an API?” please forward this to the person that actively manages your organization’s MailChimp account. It’s pretty important. Use the “ramifications” word in your subject line.

Thanks,The MailChimp Team