Have you ever observed someone and noticed that they seem to exude a self-confidence, poise and suaveness that seeps into all that they do? Do you wonder why some people appear to have what it takes to succeed while others (perhaps you) struggle along trying to attain those traits? If this is you, or perhaps someone you know, then you may need to talk to the specialist at The Moxie Solution to learn about their classes at Cary Academy.

The Moxie Solution is a new client of Page Progressive that has recently launched and focuses on helping you become all you can be. The Moxie Solution is the ideal place to attend if you are interested in developing your full potential in every aspect of life. They offer personal training sessions, workshops and even camps for children/teens where they can get a jumpstart on discovering their gifts and talents while learning how to have moxie. Some of the things learned at Moxie Academy are how to:

  • Inspire your peers and press your superiors
  • Deal with a change in management
  • Make effective decisions
  • Find intrinsic satisfaction in various areas of life
  • Build relationships

For students, attending the workshops at Cary Academy can make a significant difference in their scholastic, business and personal endeavors. The topics covered  in these sessions include the following:

  • Building self-confidence
  • Leadership skill
  • Critical thinking
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth finances
  • Planning  and problem solving
  • Goal setting

At the Moxie Solution you are certain to learn what you need to be a success. Why not take a few minutes to see what classes and sessions they have and see how they can help!