Web design, SEO

We recently had the opportunity to develop a website for Ancilla, LLC, after a member of their marketing team who was familiar with our work recommended us.

Ancilla offers business development and clinical trials management services to independently owned research sites. (Read more about them on their site.) To support their business acquisition goals, the new site was to serve as an online business card, helping prospective clients find them in markets across the U.S. They required a site that was credible, attractive, mobile-friendly and easy to maintain.

After meeting with an Ancilla team and agreeing upon the goals, cost estimate and development timeline, the Page Progressive team started work on a custom WordPress site. Once the site was designed and ready to launch, we worked with the company to optimize the site for search – key for prospective clients finding them online.

Pleased with the appearance and functionality of the site, the company is now monitoring its early stage performance. We asked for their feedback on working with Page Progressive, and here’s what they said: “100% positive. You’re patient while guiding clients through the design of the website from first draft through launch” and “very talented with the WordPress format.

Thanks, Ancilla, LLC, for the opportunity to serve you and help you meet your business goals!