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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as Google Ads has become an invaluable tool for businesses to get their website ranking high in search engine results. With the growing complexity in ranking content organically, often using Google Ads to pay for placement can be a better option. Some benefits of PPC advertising over other methods of advertising are:

  1. Fast results – it takes about 3 months for Google Ads to be set up and optimized. Organic ranking can often take much longer.
  2. You have tons of data to determine if the advertising is a good investment
  3. The ability to pause or modify advertisements anytime
  4. The ability to target your ads geographically

Need a Google Ads Manager/Agency? Here’s What We Offer:

Google Adwords Certified Company in Raleigh, NCOur agency is composed of individuals who are Google Ads and Analytics certified. We offer PPC advertising setup services for small businesses and also consulting for those that want to get rolling with PPC advertising but don’t know where to start. Our basic

Google Adwords setup for small businesses includes:

  1. Setting up Google Analytics so you can monitor traffic like a pro
  2. Keyword research to make sure that you are targeting the most beneficial search phrases
  3. Setting up Google Adwords, including payment information
  4. Budget setting
  5. Ad creation for high relevancy and quality scores, meaning you pay less for your ads
  6. Setting up several specific ad groups
  7. Monitoring of keywords regularly for a month and making any adjustments as needed
  8. Personalized training you to use data to tweak your advertising as you need to

The Difference

Google Ads Company
Each campaign that we setup and monitor is unique to the specific goals of the client. We take painstaking effort to make sure that you are garnering every benefit of a customized and detail-oriented campaign.

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