Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become an invaluable tool for businesses to get their pages showing up in search engine results. Some benefits of PPC advertising over other methods of advertising are:

  1. Immediate results
  2. Tons of data to determine if the advertising is a good investment
  3. The ability to pause or modify advertisements anytime
  4. The ability to target your ads geographically

What We Offer

We offer PPC advertising setup services for small businesses and also consulting for those that want to get rolling with PPC advertising but don’t know where to start. Our basic Google Adwords setup for small businesses includes:

  1. Setting up Google Analytics so you can monitor traffic like a pro
  2. Setting up Google Adwords, including payment information
  3. Budget setting
  4. Ad creation for high relevancy and quality scores, meaning you pay less for your ads
  5. Keyword research
  6. Setting up several specific ad groups
  7. Monitoring of keywords regularly for a month and making any adjustments as needed
  8. Personalized training you to use data to tweak your advertising as you need to

The Difference

The main difference between the services that we offer over other search engine marketing companies is that we start with the idea that with some basic tutoring, you can monitor an Adwords campaign once the wheels are set in motion and everything is set up and well-tuned. We do not typically engage in ongoing monitoring of accounts and charging clients every month for work that they can easily do themselves most of the time. With that said, we do offer ongoing monitoring and consulting where our clients want to dig deeper, don’t have the time to spend on it or simply need a refresher course.