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  1. 6 Benefits of Hiring a Consultant Before Launching a New Business Online

    You have decided to take the plunge and become a business owner.

    You are excited…and perhaps a bit scared, but most of all, eager to get your brainchild off the ground and moving forward.

    However, there are just a few obstacles to doing this – especially in regards to crafting a web presence that does all you need it to do. These actions may range slightly from business to business; which is why meeting with a consultant who is knowledgeable about the web (and all its many little quirks and perks) is crucial to the growth and success of any new business.

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    New Year Brings Tax Changes for Digital Business with EU Customers

    Beginning January 1, online business with consumers in the European Union (EU) is subject to new Value-Added Tax (VAT) rules. If EU-based customers purchase digital goods from your business, this tax change affects you — regardless of where your company is based.

    Examples of digital goods are downloadable or electronically transmitted e-books, stock images, music files, software, video footage and training manuals.