1. Ways to Leverage Facebook Graph Search and EdgeRank to Your Advantage

    Today’s post has been contributed by guest author, Eric Taylor of Qwaya. The ideas expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Page Progressive. By publishing this post, we are not endorsing the product with which the author is affiliated.

    Oh, Facebook! It sure seems quite simple to look at it, an understated elegance if you will. But once you lift up the hood, it’s like a small engine mechanic looking at the electrical intricacies of a Mercury probe. Don’t fret, though; aspects of Facebook like EdgeRank and Graph Search only appear to be complicated. Once you get through some tech jargon, you’ll find that it’s really just a type of site-contained SEO.

  2. Understanding EdgeRank for Facebook Success

    What content do you want to see in your Facebook news feed? The answer is highly debated and varies according to each individual user on this popular social media platform.

    Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, EdgeRank, determines what shows up in individual news feeds. It’s helpful to understand some basics about the algorithm in order to get the most mileage from your Facebook business page.

    EdgeRank sorts posts based on three factors: affinity, weight and time decay. Higher rankings in these three areas means an item is more likely to show up in a user’s news feed.