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  1. Work Smarter on Social Media

    Ready to work smarter when it comes to social media involvement in 2015? There’s no shortage of research on making the best use of your “social” time online. For this post, we’ve pulled statistics from reputable sites such as,, and Facebook to help you plan for making the greatest impact.

  2. 12 Social Media Tips from the Pros

    Has scanning the available training resources for social media left you overwhelmed and wondering where to begin? There seems to be an endless supply of books, blog posts, videos, workshops and webinars addressing the “how to’s” of social media for small business. At Page Progressive, we strive to simplify internet marketing — including social media — for our small business and non-profit clients. So, we’re dedicating this post to 12 social media tips from the pros featured recently on a Hootsuite webinar.

    Social media marketing gurus Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki focused their comments on the “four kings” – Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. Here are the highlights:

  3. 9 Online Reputation Monitoring Tools Anyone Can Use

    With the reputation and success of your business at stake, it pays to keep an eye on what others are saying about you online. In follow up to our previous post on this topic, here is an introduction to 9 “do it yourself” reputation management tools:

    • Alerts: Both Google and Yahoo allow you to set up alerts for specified search terms, delivered to you by email or feed reader. Choose the type of content you want searched (blogs, news, videos, etc.) and the frequency you want the alert sent (weekly, daily or immediate). Both sites provide a preview of your search results before you create the alert.
  4. Social Media and SEO: What you need to know

    Social media is definitely influencing how information is found online and buying decisions are made. Here are some interesting statistics to consider:

    • 72 percent of all internet users are now active on social media
    •  The +1 button on Google+ is used 5 million times per day
    •  Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44 percent growth from 2012-2013
  5. Search Engine Optimization - Raleigh NC

    10 Reasons Google Plus Can Improve Search Results for your Business

    Online marketing gurus are blogging, posting and tweeting about the benefits of using Google Plus (Google+)  for business. To follow up on our previous post, we compiled this list of “selling points” from credible sources including and Searchmetrics.

    • Google treats Google+ content like a webpage. Your posts are indexed and shown in Google search results immediately, aiding your page rank.
  6. 10 Ways to Get Noticed with Google Plus

    The way sites are found on the Web has changed significantly in recent years. Search engine optimization or “SEO,” a term that refers to how sites are found in online searches, is now more socially driven and is likely to become moreso thanks to Google Plus (Google+). We recommend building a following on Google+ as an integral part of your online strategy as we expect it will play an increasingly important role in internet marketing going forward.

    Since using Google+ to its full potential can be game changer for business, we are providing this post as an orientation to the social platform. Here are 10 things you need to know: