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    More Mobile-Friendly Google Search Coming April 21

    Have you typed a term into Google search on your phone recently? If so, you’re in good company – as some estimates say more than six out of every 10 Google searches are mobile. If you’ve been in the six or seven, did you find what you were looking for? Did your search results provide a link to a relevant, mobile-friendly site, one that could be viewed easily on your phone?

    Google wants to ensure its mobile users are getting “friendly” results. Consequently, in 10 days the company will institute a significant change in how it ranks pages in mobile searches.

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    WooCommerce for iPhone: App Now Available

    Do you operate an online store with WooCommerce? We work with a number of businesses that are successfully operating e-stores using this WordPress plugin.

    That’s why we are pleased to share the good news that WooCommerce has released its new iPhone App.

    Now iPhone and iPod users with a WooCommerce e-store can easily stay connected to their store on the go.