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    SEO or SEM – Which is Which?

    Like ham and cheese are two components of a delightful sandwich, SEO and SEM are complementary factors of a great website. They can work alone, but the outcome is better when put together. 

    By definition, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It drives organic traffic to your website by improving your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO actions affect your website’s content, structure, and social media efforts. SEM is “Search Engine Marketing.” It increases your site’s visibility and traffic through paid ads. Each practice is an essential part of a successful business website.

  2. 15 SEO Tips for Making Google Love your Website

    As one of the most powerful search engines on the web, Google affects the way most professional web developers approach custom web design. After all, Google plays such an important role to the Internet that it is not uncommon to hear people use the company’s name as a verb such as  “I Googled (pick a topic) and found out…” Consequently, to design a website without keeping Google and other search engines in mind is counterproductive. But what does it mean to design for Google or other search engines? Is there some secret code you must have? No, there is no special code you must use when designing a web site for search engines; however, there are several key areas where you will want to focus to make sure search engines can properly index your site, which promotes the best placement for your pages in search engine results.