You may have started hearing people talk about web site syndication. Sometimes called RSS (Really Simple Syndication),
podcasting or an atom feed. Well, I’m going to leave all the technical
mumbo jumbo out of this post – you can read more about that here.

is a great way to spread information about your business, products or
services over the web. Many people out there actively look for content
that relates to them in some way and reposts it for the benefit of
their visitors. Why is that good for you? Well, if you include links to
your business in the post, you just got a free advertisement. Some sites search for relevant content and even posts them automatically.

Many people use news aggregators, or programs that show news from several different sites all in one place. I use Google’s personalized homepage so I can at a glance check my gmail inbox, view my Google calendar events for the day, see the latest posts on Slashdot and catch up on local news. If you have information that is useful for other people out there, put it on your website and syndicate it!

yourself as an expert in your field. I met a travel agent recently who
said that once he started posting regularly on his blog, which is
syndicated, the traffic coming to his site went through the roof.

best part about syndication is it is a great way to increase the
traffic to your website – and it’s FREE. The more links you get
pointing to your site, the better your site ranking is going to be in
search engines too.

is a great tool to get your RSS feeds out there in the world to be
found easier. Once you create an account for your syndicated content,
Feedburner creates a page that lets people link to or subscribe to your
content via email. You can see my links in the right column.

Another useful site is, which helps to get more traffic to your site if you post articles there.

is pretty much the same thing as any other syndicated content – it’s
just in audio form. So you can post mp3 files that people can subscribe
too with a "podcatching" program like iTunes and take the files with them on their mp3 player or just save the files to listen to later when they have more time.

trick is coming up with good content that people want to read. But
remember, people don’t want to be bombarded with your new product or
hear how great it is over and over. People catch on quick when you are
trying to sell them something and they usually don’t like it – so post
often and post carefully!

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