Social media is here to stay. And whether you choose to use YouTube or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – being connected is a big part of today’s businesses. But while many business owners recognize Facebook and Twitter’s potential, they are unaware of the many ways that LinkedIn can help their business grow. However, recent reports from iTracks and
Performics reveal the following about LinkedIn:

  • When Performics surveyed nearly 3,000 businesses, 59% of responders agreed that a LinkedIn account holds the highest value for professionals.
  • Results also showed that of respondents with an active LinkedIn account, 50% visit the site at least weekly and 20% visit the site at least daily.
  • In regards to the importance of LinkedIn as the most important social networking site, studies show that the numbers jumped dramatically from 41% last year to 59% this year.
  • Of the 89% of Web companies using social media that participated in the iTracks study, 49% said that LinkedIn provides the best return on investment.

With these stats in mind, perhaps you are looking at your LinkedIn account more closely and wondering how you can use LinkedIn to benefit you. If so, then here are 15 ways LinkedIn can help your business.

  1. Use LinkedIn to let your contacts know when you launch a new product, begin a joint venture or have a company update.
  2. To build relationships and networks through people you already know to those you would like to get to know.
  3. Reconnect with former colleagues from other places you have worked.
  4. Build a profile that inspires trust and encourages clients.
    1. Have a picture with a solid background and your face taking up as much of the frame as possible.
    2. Make sure that your headline- it appears below your name- is on every reference about you on the site. Be sure it includes your title and your company.
    3. Obtain as many recommendations as possible; take the time to customize the request rather than using the default message. Be short, succinct and thank them for their time.
    4. Be sure your summary answers the question, “Why do I do what I do?” Have details about your qualifications and take advantage of being able to add content from, Twitter and WordPress.
    5. Keep SEO in mind. If your page is public, it will be indexed by Bing, Google and others. Be sure to use keywords that people would use to search for your services on your LinkedIn profile page.
  5. Use LinkedIn to keep up with what your competition is doing.
  6. Use the blog space to share your knowledge. This can result in making more business contacts.
  7. Ask for advice; this will strengthen existing relationships and can create new ones.
  8. Coordinate travel-use LinkedIn to set up meetings with multiple clients in one central location.
  9. Company pages are a relatively new element on LinkedIn. This f
    eature can be used by clicking the “Company” tab, then “Add a company.” However, for you to use this feature you must be a LinkedIn member and an employee of that company.
  10. Video support is another one of LinkedIn’s newer elements. You can now have video blogging, showcase a product, or perhaps have a training video right on your LinkedIn page.
  11. Do you have customers/clients who have given you recommendations? Use LinkedIn to post testimonials about your company.
  12. Do you have a blog on your website? Then set up your LinkedIn page so links to your site are posted.
  13. The “Follow us” feature lets you put a LinkedIn button on your website or blog. Check out the for codes.
  14. Advertising on LinkedIn is now better than ever. The newly improved LinkedIn advertising allows you to target members by up to 100 exact jobs, company name and LinkedIn group involvement.
  15. The Company Page proffers insights and features found on the analytics tab so you can track how many LinkedIn members are checking out your Company Page as well as those who are following you. In addition, you can see what industries and functions these followers belong to. This info can be valuable when designing an ad campaign.

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Linked is a valuable tool for any business. If you would like to optimize your LinkedIn account and would like some assistance, be sure to contact Page Progressive. We will be glad to help!