If you run a WordPress website, it’s important to have the right type of hosting. You can read more about choosing a reliable Managed WordPress Hosting Company here.

In this article we are going to get a little more geeky into some server difference that often (or at least should) be addressed on a good WordPress hosting plan.

4 Tips for Selecting a WordPress Hosting Company

  1. CPU Limits – Depending on the type of hosting setup you choose there may be limits to the maximum amount of CPU processing your site is allowed to use, as well as how many seconds you are allowed to stay at that level. Ideally, the higher these numbers are the better since this will affect how much traffic your website is able to receive. If you exceed that limit, you may see an error message when you pull up your website.
  2. SSH/sFTP/FTPS Availability – A good hosting plan should allow for a secure way to connect to your files. Traditionally “FTP” (File Transfer Protocol) has been used to do this, but the problem with it is it’s not secure. If you still use FTP, STOP!!!!  If you or your developer needs to be able to upload or make change to your files, make sure you are using an encrypted connection via FTPS, SFTP or SSH. 
  3. Malware Scanning – You never want to go to your website only to discover you have been hacked! A reputable WordPress hosting proving will run free malware scans (ideally daily) to ensure your website is protected. Along with this service, be sure to ask how frequently backups are ran – the more often this is done the better!
  4. Other Security Measures – Additional website hosting proactive security measures that may be offered could be a Wide Area Firewall (WAF) or file change detection.

Any business in Raleigh, Charlotte and beyond needs a safe and secure place to host their website. Like choosing a physical location for your company, making a wise choice in WordPress hosting is a must. If you have questions about how Page Progressive is able to help with your web hosting needs, please give us a call!