Wordpress Hosting - Raleigh & Charlotte

If you have a WordPress website, it’s important to have a hosting plan that is optimized specifically for WordPress performance. There are several Managed WordPress hosting providers out there, so it can be tough to determine who you should trust and rely on for your company’s website. Should you choose a large company with a national marketing presence or do you opt for a local hosting company serving the Charlotte or Raleigh areas?

It is important to note that just because you purchased your domain name from a specific company, it does not mean that you must use their hosting services. In fact, it a common practice for people to buy from one domain provider but choose someone else for web hosting, but most hosting companies can provide both services if you need it.

Selecting a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider for Charlotte/Raleigh Businesses

So, how do you determine what WP hosting provider to select? Here are a few things to look for as you consider prospective providers.

  • How much storage space is available? You want to be sure to have room for all your content as your site grows.
  • Do you need, or anticipate needing, space for more than one domain? If so, then opt for a plan that allows multiple domains.
  • What is the uptime? It is vital that your site have a reliable and stable network connection. Since servers need updates periodically 100% uptime isn’t possible but some providers offer 99.9% uptime. 
  • Is it secure? With the frequent reports of cyber security breaches, you have to be certain that your WordPress web hosting provider is secure. Find out what security features your provider offers. Do they offer free SSL certs? Do they scan for malware? Do they clean up your site if you get hacked?
  • What about the price? Price is certainly a big factor when considering a hosting company. Be sure to check out if there is an initial sign-up discounted price versus the renewal price. Some companies can charge significantly more when it comes time to renew their services.
  • What are some common features to have? While every website will have different needs, some features to look for include secure FTP, SSH, one-click installer, a file manager, SSL certs and automated WordPress updates. 
  • What about backups? Sadly, nothing lasts forever – websites and computers included. You need a web hosting provider that does frequent full backups so that in the event of loss, your full site can be restored quickly. Learn the backup policy of your provider up front so there’s no surprises later.

You may have seen televised commercials that promote web hosting for very low prices, and they may sound like the ideal solution. But when your business depends on having a secure website that is not frequently down, you may find that that service doesn’t deliver and support is often lacking. 

At Page Progressive we want to see you succeed and your web presence and technical support is often a key to that success. We are happy to answer your questions and to explain to you how we can make your web presence stronger with our WordPress hosting services. Learn more about our WordPress hosting options!