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Your website is one of the best ways to encourage people to make a purchase or visit your location. Sure, social media, newsletters, press releases, and marketing efforts are all important as well but your website plays a vital role in your business’ success.

Your home page can make or break a potential sale.  While all pages on your website are important,  your home page tends to be the one people see first. If it is lackluster, then you will likely lose visitors before they get very far into your website.  Your home page’s design needs to accomplish 3 purposes:

  • Engage and retain visitors
  • Educate visitors
  • Encourage visitors to dig deeper into content specific for them

If you are unsure if your website’s homepage is accomplishing all of these goals, one way to find out is to ask non-biased people you know to review your site and provide their feedback.  

Common Problem Areas for a Website’s Home Page

Who are you? When people come to your website it is important that people quickly understand who you are and why you matter. 

Make it easy. Keep your website presentation simple. Think about what 80% of your visitors are looking for and create buttons that get those people strait to those sections of your site. Don’t make them dig into a 3-layer dropdown menu or search for the most common content people need to see.

Keep it short. When people land on your homepage, you have about 3 seconds for them to decide if they are in the right place or not. This means your website must load quickly and convey the core concept of what you have to offer in that time. Does your website do that?

Be Bold. While it important to keep things simple, don’t skimp on having a great looking, powerful image that draws people in and makes them feel an emotional response that will compel them want to work with you. 

Crafting a home page that draws guests in and turns them from the curious to the consumer is a must. Page Progressive would love to help you craft a website that engages, educates, entertains, and excites people to connect with you. Talk to us today!