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  1. Does Your Website Need a Facelift? 8 Signs Your Website is Outdated

    While the calendar year begins in January, for the business world, it is often July that indicates a new fiscal year. With that in mind, now is the time to think about how you want to do things over the next 12 months. There may be expected changes to the budget, advertising, marketing, and other facets of business but one area that companies overlook – their website.

    Your company website is one of the most important investments you can make to boost your business’s bottom line. After all, numerous studies show that consumers check out a company online before they ever call or visit the location. So, if your website needs a redesign to remain effective, then chances are that potential customers will find another place to work with.

    Sadly, many businesses overlook the value of updating their website. It is like the picture that is always hanging crooked. Sure, you know it should be corrected, but you are so used to seeing it off-kilter that you don’t put any effort into fixing it. A crooked picture is easy to spot. But, it can be difficult to identify when a website needs to be corrected.

  2. Why Mobile First is Important for Your Business Success Online

    A little over a decade ago, a business could get by with a web presence that was little more than a basic site that told who the company was, what they offered, a shopping cart for purchases, and a contact page. Times have changed. No longer is a simple website truly sufficient in most cases. Today’s websites must not only be user friendly, have security features, convey your company brand in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way but also needs to be optimized for mobile first. While the term “mobile responsive” may be a familiar one, mobile first is a similar but different approach to website design.

  3. You Know You Need a Web Designer When…

    So, the side hustle you started a few months ago has taken off in a huge way, and now you find yourself taking the next steps towards becoming a formal business. One step likely includes whether or not to have a website, and then whether to build it yourself or hire a web designer. The decision to have a website is important and should not be something you look to do for the lowest price possible. After all, this is your company’s online presence.

    Not convinced that a website is essential or something to invest a portion of your budget into? Consider this: a recent report found that the average internet user spends 6.75 hours per day on the web. This means that if you want people to know about your business, it is vital to go where they will find you- and this means being online.

    But it is more than just being online- it is having a compelling and engaging website so that people will want to see what you have to offer. To do this, you need a web designer who understands what it takes to design an effective website.

  4. 10 Signs Your Website Needs Work

    Fact: There is no such thing as a website that never needs to be updated.

    Fact: People will leave your website if it is difficult to use.

    Fact: Your website is your strongest marketing tool.

    With consideration given to these facts and many others regarding your website, it is safe to say that many websites on the web need to be updated. The bigger question is – Is your website one of them?

  5. 15 Ways Your Website May Be Driving Customers Away

    Is your company’s website getting the results you want? Perhaps, you think it has all the important features but instead of being inviting, it seems that people are more interested in the competition’s offerings than yours. If this sounds familiar, then it might surprise you to learn you are not alone.

    According to a recent study, it was found that 75% of consumers admit to making judgements about the credibility of a company based solely on the website design. So, if your website is not meeting the expectations of your guests, then perhaps it is time to figure out what is about your website that is driving customers away from your website.

  6. Hoe to Know if You Need a New Website

    17 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

    While there are some aspects to having a business that might be a ‘one and done’ element, your website is not one of them. Would you get tired of hearing the same commercial jingle for a product? Of course, you would! Conversely, if you never do anything to change the look and or functionality of your website you will likely fall behind your competitors in that space. But how do you know it is time for a website redesign?

  7. 25 Key Components of a Healthy Website

    Thanks to the many tools and services on the web, anyone can build a website. In fact, you don’t even need to have any previous website design training, or understand programming. But just because one can build a website, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily accomplish your objectives. There are a lot of considerations when creating a powerful and engaging website that will help your business.

    We have all seen those websites that are hard to use, load painfully slow or are just right ugly. It might be that the site is severely outdated, the colors are garish, or perhaps finding information feels like a scavenger hunt. If you are building a website, there are very important considerations to make it successful. Some things are evident when you look at a website and others are behind the scenes.

  8. Website Design Raleigh

    Is it Time to Update Your Website?

    Did you know that….

    There is a $100 return for every dollar that your company invests in your website’s user experience. – Forrester

    75% of user judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your website’s design. – University of Surrey

    It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

    Judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics. Invisionapp

    A study of Fortune 500 websites showed that 63% have content above the fold. 50% have a scrolling content, 63% use high-quality images that engage the users and their average site load time is 6.5 seconds. Red

    39% of site guests will stop engaging with a website if the images won’t load or take too long to load. Adobe

    It might seem impossible to believe, but 2018 will soon be finished and 2019 will be rolling in. And, with that in mind, it is helpful to start thinking now about what you want for your business in the year ahead. Whatever your company goals, there’s a good chance updating your website can go a long way into helping you achieve your goals.