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While the large majority of businesses have adapted to many new ways of doing business as technology evolves, there are still a surprising number of them that have not yet set up accounts on social media or even have a website. In fact, a survey by Small Business group found that nearly one third of small businesses don’t have a website. However, 92% of the businesses without a website plan to have one by the end of 2018.

So the question stands “Does Your Business Really Need a Website?” The answer for that is of course, up to each business to decide, but if you are hesitant to make the investment in a company website, then here are 7 reasons why a business website is well worth the investment:

  1. It’s a modern-day phone book. Today, less than 1% of consumers use a printed phone book to find a company or product. Rather, they go to the Web and do a search for a local company or well-recognized industry leader.
  2. It is expected by your customers. If you don’t have a website where customers can check out your product/services then they are likely to look somewhere else. In fact, you can count on your competition having a website which means you may be losing income by not investing in one yourself.
  3. If you are a retailer, then having a website means people can shop at any hour of the day – not just during standard business hours.
  4. Your business will show up in search engine results, which means you will have a greater audience. Plus, it gives you more credibility and trust with potential customers. 
  5. A website can make your business appear larger or more established than it may actually be.
  6. Want to build your client base and generate leads? Then have a professional website built. Be sure to have a Contact Us form, and take the time to follow up with those who reach out to you. This will also help you automate your marketing, which results in greater efficiency and productivity.
  7. Having a website makes it yours. Sure, you can have a voice on just social media, but you can’t control what type of changes are implemented, terms of services or any other features they offer. A website gives you complete control and flexibility to present your business the way you want to.

Does your business really need a website? It’s all a matter of what you wish to accomplish and who your audience is. But, if your goal is to broaden your business base and become more known in your industry, then a website is the often the best way to do it.  If you have questions about how a website can benefit your business, contact our Page Progressive web design team for a free consultation and let us help your voice be heard. Contact us today.