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According to, mobile commerce makes up 30% of all U.S. commerce. So, if you have an online store that is not mobile-friendly, it may be the kiss of death to your profits. As digital technology continues to expand and evolve, it is going to be vital that you keep up with technology trends in order to get the best results for your online store.

Here are some areas you may want to consider:

  1. Triggered Emails – When a guest visits your website but leaves products in their cart without following through with a purchase, then you need to have automated emails that remind them to follow through with their purchase. Consider offering an extra incentive for them to visit your site again such as a special discount.
  2. Customer Journey – Make time to test your website and watch the bounce rate. Google Analytics is free and is a great way to identify barriers in your website sales and correct them.
  3. Mobile Responsive – If your website is not yet designed to be mobile-friendly (or responsive), then don’t put it off any longer. According to Social Media Today, 88% of consumers search for local businesses on a mobile device and then contact or visit that business within 24 hours.  The Page Progressive team is skilled at creating responsive designs for businesses of every type.
  4. Website Content – Your website content must engage your site guests. Write about your products and explain how users can benefit from using them and tell the story behind a product or service. 
  5. Payments – Make it simple, safe and secure to make a purchase. Not everyone is comfortable with Paypal, so you may want to offer another option as well, if that is currently your only method of taking online payments.
  6. Customer Loyalty Programs – The goal of your business is to make money, right? So, why not do all you can to increase customer spending. From special coupon codes to reward points, there are many ways to garner attention – and much of it can be automated via email campaigns.
  7. Artificial Intelligence – No longer just something in the Sci-Fi world, AI is starting to become a part of business, especially as it pertains to voice recognition.  Consider having your ecommerce site set up to work with voice recognition software so that it is easier for site guests to engage and make requests.
  8. Affiliate Programs – If you are wanting to boost awareness of your ecommerce offerings, consider enabling others to sell your products with an affiliate program. Its a win-win for all parties involved.
  9. Establish a Presence – Don’t be afraid to expand your reach by setting up a shop on sites such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay. By having a store on any of these sites, you will gain more notice, drive more traffic to your website, and thus, increase sales.

Owning an ecommerce business can be overwhelming at times. But don’t despair – choose a few key items to focus on and invest time there first. Its best to not to try to everything at once, as you may lose steam or experience “analysis paralysis!”

As you build your ecommerce business, remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Talk to one of our team members to learn how we can help!