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If you have plenty of website traffic, but are still not having as many conversions as you would like, then perhaps it is time to re-assess your approach. If you are interested in boosting your website’s conversion rate, then now is the time to implement solid CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics.

What steps should you take to improve your conversion rate?

Here are a few to consider:

  1. Determine who your audience is, then create an online marketing approach with that demographic in mind.
  2. Study your competition – especially the top three. You can gain a great deal of insight and be better equipped for designing a website that encourages a purchase and not just one that draws the curious.
  3. Identify your unique value proposition. This is what sets you apart from others within your industry. Then, create an offer that shows people why they need to purchase from you.
  4. Have a website that is engaging, easy to use and most importantly, a responsive design so people can access it from any device with ease.
  5. Have a short video that demonstrates your product/services and shows how people’s lives will be better from using your product. 
  6. Have images that reach out to people, and are relevant. Stock photos often send the wrong message, so consider having custom shots done for the website.
  7. Be consistent in your message. Be it a landing page, social media or your website, keep the language and design the same.
  8. Have a clear Call to Action(CTA) that explains what visitors need to do.  Keep in mind that in order to get people to click on a CTA, you must also show them what is available, why they need it, how to obtain it, and make it an offer that is difficult to refuse.
  9. Keep it simple. It is unnecessary to have flashy designs, aggressive pop up ads, lights, etc. to encourage conversion. In fact, these things are more likely to push people away.
  10. Use a strong headline that creates a positive first impression. You only have a limited amount of space and characters with which to grab and keep the reader’s attention. Craft a headline that includes concise, straightforward language while presenting a unique value proposition.
  11. Make it easy and secure to make a purchase. Long purchase forms can push people away. Also, visitors want to be able to work with sites where they know their information and data will be protected.

Boosting your website’s conversion rate is a great goal to have in 2017. By using these tactics, you can watch your bottom line increase. If you have more questions about CRO or implementing these conversion tips, give the website professionals at Page Progressive a call today. We would love to hear from you.