If you have a website, there is a good chance it was created using WordPress. This is due largely because of its ease of use and versatility. In fact, according to a 2023 review, there are 810 million WordPress sites, whichcomprises around 43% of all websites. And that number is growing daily, as over 500 sites are built using WordPress daily.

A long list of plugins and themes for WordPress makes the platform even more powerful. One of the most popular themes is Divi by Elegant Themes. Since its introduction by Nick Roach and Co. in 2013, Divi has undergone several iterations. The most recent is a complete overhaul named simply, Divi 5. The theme and visual page builder is available through Elegant Themes and offers many advantages in website building and design.

6 Reasons to Consider Divi 5 for Your Website


Divi 5 has been created to be more stable, offer increased scalability and extend-ability, and higher performance than other versions. As such, it is faster than other versions and offers even more freedom for developers to design a customized website. It also has a robust API system that can be used by developers to integrate add-ons to get even more versatility out of Divi.

Visual Builder

The Visual builder element of Divi 5 is quite an improvement. It is now quicker than ever to use for front-end loads, even those that are large or complex. Divi 5 runs faster, making it easier and quicker to process design settings. The enhanced Visual Builder allows you to craft a website in real-time, allowing better control, without requiring the designer to frequently move from the back end to the front of the website. Rather, you can see the changes and how they look, immediately.

The ease of Visual Builder makes performing split testing easier than ever, so determining what approach works best for your website is a much quicker process.


One of the things that makes the Divi theme great is its custom-ability. No matter what the purpose of a website, Divi is known for being the tool to use to get the look and features you want.  With Divi 5 there are more customization features than ever before. But you will also find a large assortment of pre-designed layouts that you can then build on to be what you are looking for.


Websites use a tool known as API to get tasks done. The API, standing for Application Programming Interface, is used to let multiple web applications work cohesively. The API could be referred to as liaisons between what the developer builds for the website and those who use the programs and processes. In former versions of Divi, the developer was given minimal leeway for design because the API in place was a rigid structure. Shortcodes were a must, which could mean a fair amount of trial and error, as part of the development and design process.


Most websites have several plugins added to achieve the look and tools a business may need. And while WordPress has an impressive list of plugins available, it is sometimes necessary to use third-party plugins. Sometimes the plugins work with ease and other times, there is additional work that must be done to use WordPress. But with Divi 5, this is no longer a problem. Divi 5 is now more compatible than ever with third-party plugins allowing you to use your favorite plugins without issues.

Design Features

Beyond being able to design a layout that works for your needs, Divi 5 also allows control over the following elements:

  • Font and text styling- Whether you want everything to look the same or want to change things up in a specific area or page, you can do it with ease.
  • Color, size, and shape- Give any element the look you want.
  • Animations – Customize any element you want. However, keep in mind that the more animations the slower your page will load!
  • Effects – From drop shadows to visual filters, you can give more life to your images.

From the viewpoint of the developer, Divi 5 is well worth the investment. It offers numerous options and functionalities, hundreds of pre-made sites, an abundance of layouts, and a long list of plugins. Better yet, one does not have to be an experienced developer to use it, so it is a great tool for the beginner, as well. Perhaps the biggest negative is that with so many features and functionalities, Divi 5 can be a bit overwhelming-especially if relatively new to the web development and design world.

If you think all of these benefits sound great, but are not interested in designing a website, no worries! You don’t have to be a web designer to have a great-looking, functional website. The Page Progressive team has the skills to do it for you. Just fill out our Contact Us Form or give us a call at 919.374.3014 to schedule a free consultation. Page Progressive is not affiliated with Elegant Themes.