If you have an ecommerce site running WooCommerce and you also use MailChimp for your email marketing, you may be excited to know that you can now link the two together to make your online sales even more powerful! For a number of years, MailChimp has been making it easy for companies to keep people informed through easy-to-craft newsletters. But now, they have integrated with WooCommerce so that you can automatically sync actions between them.

The result? A free plugin with an abundance of features. Some of these new abilities include:

  • A method to send targeted campaigns
  • Automatic follow up with customers after they make a purchase
  • Ability to recover abandoned carts – being able to do this actually boost sales by as much as 12%.
  • Build your audience and sell more product through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Automatically embed a pop-up form that converts website guests to newsletter subscribers.
  • Measure your marketing ROI.
  • Showcase product recommendations.

The plugin is designed to support the API 3.0 features and can be used by existing WooCommerce users or for new sites. It can also run simultaneously with your current WooCommerce/MailChimp arrangement, but it should be noted that the older data will be displayed separately in subscriber profiles.

So, why should you consider upgrading your website to include this plugin? Here are just a few reasons, in addition to the features listed above:

  1. It can make your website more effective. The MailChimp plugin will allow you to interact more with customers and increase your customer base.
  2. It increases the power and reach of your MailChimp efforts as well as your online sales.
  3. The marketing automation features means you can collect more data and then be able to send your messages at the optimal time.
  4. You will be able to craft messages based on what your customers are most interested in.

The MailChimp WooCommerce plugin is relatively simple to install, but if you are uncertain of your skill or prefer that a website developer do the installation process for you, then be sure to reach out to one of the capable team at Page Progressive. We will be happy to help you update your WooCommerce site so that it can be even more effective than ever – and who doesn’t like that! So, don’t miss out on this great ecommerce tool.