Just one look at the crowded shopping centers, malls and big box stores – it is safe to confirm that the holidays will soon be here. And, for many brick and mortar stores this means longer lines, longer hours and bigger revenue than normal. However, if you have a business that is primarily web-based, then sales are often at non-traditional hours which means your busy time(s) vary.

Of course, if you feel that your online business could (or should) be doing more, then don’t despair. There is still time to increase your holiday sales – even if you fear that it might be the 11th hour!  Here are some tips from the e-commerce pros to help you increase ecommerce sales.

8 Last Minute Tips for Boosting E-Commerce Sales

  • Set up a smart discount. Whether it is a 20% discount when one spends $30, or a Buy One Get One discount, create a discount that is applied automatically. Be sure to add a site banner telling guests of the discount.
  • Give something away. Are you tired of looking at items from last year and want to make room for 2019 merchandise? Then have a ‘freebie’ for every order. From socks to hats, to pens or notepads chances are you have items in stock that you can pass along as incentives to buy.
  • Offer Free Shipping. Whether it is only free shipping on order over a certain dollar amount, or free shipping on everything, customers love getting free S & H! Another option is to make the free shipping available only when people spend just over the average amount of a single sale (for example, if your average sale is $30, then only offer free shipping if people spend $40).
  • Buy now – save later.  Many large brick mortar stores utilize this approach and it works great. Rather than a discount on a purchase today, give them a coupon for the next time they shop on your site. This brings you revenue now and later.
  • Promote the savings. Be sure you let people everywhere know about the savings available. Send out a newsletter, blast it on social media, add a bold banner to your website – all off these actions let people know you are offering a great way to save this holiday season.
  • Break up the saving opportunities. Daily deals, specials and BOGO’s can encourage people to return to your site more and, quite possibly, make multiple orders to get the best deal on products or services. This is a great way to have people be more aware of what you have to offer, as well.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Do you have limited quantities of an item? Let people know. Whether through a countdown feature or simply stating “limited time/quantity remaining” if people think they might not be able to get a product past a certain point they are more likely to buy – not just put in the cart and navigate elsewhere.
  • Build a bundle. Do you have items that are often bought together? Then bundle them up, shave a couple of dollars off of the price and people will be happy to save and spend.

Implementing these tips can make this December’s sales better than ever. So, get started today on boosting sales tomorrow. If you have questions regarding social media usage, website banners or other e-commerce elements, be sure to contact the team at Page Progressive today.