Before you can determine if your site is being indexed by search engines, you need to have something that can tell you if your site is being seen by the search engines. There are many free tools to help with this: Google Webmaster ToolsYahoo Site Explorer and Microsoft/Bing Webmaster Center. In addition, there has recently been much in the news about the effects of social media on the search engine ranking as a result of Google’s recent move to "Real Time" search. But how can you use "Real Time" search to your advantage? 

TwitterAs you begin writing for Real Time search engines, keep in mind how they work. Remember, Real Time searches index comments and Tweets and then display them at the top half of the search results page. You want to be in this coveted spot. With this in mind, how can you make the most of your Twitter account so that your business gets the optimum exposure? Here are 9 ways to use Twitter to improve your business search engine ranking.

  1. Keywords are important. Be sure that you use keywords in the links as well as within Tweets.
  2. Tweet unique content, not just items cut and pasted from someone else.
  3. Your choice in user name, like your domain name and key words, is important. Consider a user name that has your anchor text or keywords. In addition, be sure that your brand is your Twitter name; do not use a modified name on your Twitter account as this will not generate a posting above the fold in search results. If your name has already been taken you have two possible options. You can see if Twitter will allow you to register a trademark squatting complaint and give the name to the proper owner. Or, according to rumor, if an account is not active for 6 months, the name may be re-circulated.
  4. The age of the account is thought to be a factor as "older" tweets will outrank those by "rookies".
  5. Have a common theme in your tweets. If all of your tweets contain information about painting, then you are going to be seen as an expert in that field.
  6. To improve your reputation, get external links from non-social media sites.
  7. Tweet, retweet and tweet some more. The more you post the better your chances of ranking.
  8. Close ratios between "followed" to "follow", like reciprocal links, may be seen as a red flag to Google. Be careful of auto-following.
  9. Using lists, is thought by some, to be a great way to improve your Twitter reputation, especially if the lists are designed by a reputable Twitter user.

As you use Twitter to improve your business search engine ranking, consider your approach. There are 5 things to keep in mind in order to create a Twitter strategy for your business

  1. Choose your audience; pay attention to who in your audience has the influence.
  2. Know what people are saying about you and your competitors.
  3. Determine what you are after. Sales? Contacts?
  4. Determine your goals and use metrics to track them.
  5. Decide on your approach. Consider how formal you want to be, what your keywords will be, what your message will be and any other factors that represent your company and the chosen audience.

Since Google, Yahoo and Bing have all opted for Real Time searches, be sure to keep these tips in mind as you use Twitter. In order to promote your business, be sure you are taking advantage of the many tools available. Do it yourself, or have someone do it for you. If you don’t know where to start, talk to the pros here at Page Progressive, we’ll be glad to help.