A local web development company, Page Progressive, LLC (formerly
Technigrafa) has rebranded to more effectively reach a national
audience and is using it’s expertise in print and web design, along
with search engine optimization to boost their clients’ sales.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB)
June 2, 2008 — A local web development company, Page Progressive, LLC
has launched a new initiative to bring more sales to their clients by
utilizing web technologies such as search engine optimization.

Page Progressive has recently rebranded from Technigrafa in order to better promote their business identity on a national level.

A new name doesn’t mean a whole new business strategy. Technigrafa has
been creating custom, professional websites geared to rank well in
search engines for years. "Page Progressive is committed to the same
level of excellence as ever, but with a renewed passion for energizing
the marketplace for small to medium sized businesses," says it’s
founder and president, Daniel Trimpey.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
refers to attracting people to your website by ranking well in search
engines such as Google(R) and Yahoo(R). As the Internet grows,
companies have to become savvy on how to keep their listing one step
ahead of their competitors.

These days, just having a website is not enough to stand out above
your competition. A good website can mean landing a deal that may have
otherwise been lost. Not only do the look of aging websites lose their
charm over time, as technology evolves, now businesses can take control
of their own websites by utilizing content management systems that
allow them to edit content, post links, news and photos without having
to go through a web developer for every update. With a vast selection
of good content management systems available, having one no longer
means paying big bucks, like it did in years past.

With the monumental success of sites like MySpace(R) and
Facebook(R), community portal websites have quickly become common
household names and Page Progressive is using similar technologies to
attract business for their clients. Even many churches are now
utilizing portal systems to better serve their members.

Other companies have utilized the growing trend to shop online,
partially due to the rising cost of fuel, to create ecommerce websites
which can draw millions of new customers through the global reach of
the Internet.

Other technologies such as RSS feeds,
which allow site visitors to subscribe to news, are also becoming very
common and are a great way to get more attention to websites. Social
bookmarking, which allows people to share websites that they find
interesting with others over the web, has also become increasingly

For additional information on using new web technologies to boost business, contact Page Progressive by visiting http://www.pageprogressive.com.

About Page Progressive:
Page Progressive was started by Daniel
Trimpey, a teacher in Raleigh, NC in 2005 under the name of
Technigrafa. Page Progresive is a member of the Better Business Bureau
and the International Webmaster’s Association.

Page Progressive
toll-free: 1-877-472-3262