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We all know that content is king of the web, but there is much more to ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) than just having a plethora of content with some keywords worked in. Today’s websites must also combine elements such as ensuring a great user experience (UX), being mobile friendly, containing quality backlinks and executing effective search engine optimization (SEO). With that mind, it is important to ensure your website incorporates what has become known as “holistic” SEO strategy.

Results of Holistic SEO

When you spend time crafting holistic SEO into your website, you can expect the following results:

  • More site engagement
  • Fewer bounce rates
  • More return visits
  • More sharing and exposure of your brand

Holistic SEO is developing a synergy between not just keywords and phrases but the art of connecting them with your client base, company/employees, social media efforts, e-marketing, inbound and outbound links, and other web aspects to build a unified approach to boosting your web presence. By implementing holistic SEO, you can start getting the best possible results for your website, and conversely your business. “But what does holistic SEO look like?” you might ask.  Glad you asked. Here are the key elements of holistic SEO:

  1. Take time to consider your company’s approach to marketing, ethics, passions, people involved with your company, processes, goods/services. Each of these will be affected through holistic SEO, and you want the results to be positive.
  2. Craft website content that is not just informative, but that is well written and engaging. Take time to research what keywords you want to rank for, then develop a mission statement for each piece of content written. By crafting a list of keywords and phrases, you will be able to develop landing pages for the keyword and long-tail keywords and thus direct more traffic to your site.
  3. Look for ways to make your UX the best it can be. Be sure that your site is easy to navigate, loads quickly, has eye-catching buttons, and responsive.
  4. Do all you can to make your website is secure for your guests. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site! Be sure to include badges for whatever company you use protect your site, and take the time to get an https certificate, so guests know their information is protected. (An https certification, will also help with SERP ranking.)
  5. Be the expert. Site guests want to know that you are not just trustworthy but knowledgeable. Including internal links and external links that establishes your authority.
  6. Pay attention to the marketing approach. A holistic SEO marketing plan will incorporate the internal management system, the marketing department, sales and strategy, branding and activities with your relationship to your customer base.

By melding all the parts and pieces of your company, you can develop a holistic SEO approach that brings about the positive results you want. If you have questions about implementing a holistic SEO plan or want to start developing a plan for your company, give the Page Progressive team a call now.