1. Marketing with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Marketing: A Survey of Tips from Social Media Experts

    “LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for expanding your reach and improving your business results,” reports a June 2015 article on

    With 364 million members globally (around one-third of those in the U.S.), LinkedIn is living up to its claim to be the largest professional network. And it’s not only for job-seekers. Recent developments are expanding its reach as a networking and business development tool for businesses of all sizes.

  2. 11 Tips for Using Social Media to Help Potential Customers Find You

    “Ready or not, here I come!” As in the classic children’s game Hide and Seek, someone is looking for you – are you ready? Can customers find your business in the “social” marketplace?

    There are countless tools for promoting your business – from T-shirts, pens and business cards to billboards and local event sponsorships. Online, there are websites, landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click ads and, now, social media.

    Yes, the online world has gone “social.” With increasing numbers of users on these platforms every day (across age ranges!), it appears they are here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest are among the most popular. Each of these provides new opportunities for your customers to “find” you (and for you to find them) every day.

  3. 40 Social Media Faux Pas You Need to Know About

    Recently seen on a T-shirt, “You read my T-shirt. That is enough social interaction for the day.” If that is your approach to social media, then chances are you are not fully utilizing the various social media sites, especially the big 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Perhaps you are using the top three, but not in a strategic way  that is advantageous to your company. Just having an account and making the occasional social media post does not yield very good results! However, there are some pitfalls you can avoid to make your social media interactions better. Make note of these social media faux pas that can make sure your social media pages produce results for your business.

  4. The New LinkedIn Follow Button for Your Company

    Social media is one of today’s top buzzwords – especially in the world of the Web. Consequently, the savvy business owner will use the assorted social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Google Plus and others to keep their name in forefront for consumers. Now, one of the most recognized, LinkedIn, has introduced a feature that makes it even easier for any consumer on the Web to keep up with companies of interest—the LinkedIn Follow button.

    LinkedIn has over 2 million companies in its network and generates the highest visitor lead conversion rate, 2.74%, which is nearly 3 times more than Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). With numbers like this, it is no wonder that smart companies are adding the LinkedIn Company Follow button to their page! Not sure how to add the LinkedIn button? Here are the steps. (Of course, you can always contact Page Progressive if you have any additional questions.)

  5. 9 Ways to Build your LinkedIn Circle

    Last post we showed you 15 ways you can use LinkedIn to build your business. However, LinkedIn can be used to do much more. Here is an assortment of things you can do to build your LinkedIn circle: