Last post we showed you 15 ways you can use LinkedIn to build your business. However, LinkedIn can be used to do much more. Here is an assortment of things you can do to build your LinkedIn circle:

  1. The name of the site says it all, so link with other professionals that you trust as much as possible. When a list comes up with ”People you may know”, chances are if you do not already know the person, someone you know – knows them. Ask to be introduced through an intermediary, if necessary. Also, keep in mind that it is better to connect with people who have hundreds of people over those with just a few.
  2. Keep your profile up to date, be sure it is at 100% and that it is set at “Make My Public Profile Visible.”
  3. Join or start a group, this will help get your name out there on other people’s list.
  4. Combine your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts so updates are sent to both at the same time.
  5. Send frequent (but don’t pester!) e-mails through LinkedIn as this will keep your name at the top of your contacts inbox. The e-mail doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two letting them know what you have been doing (projects, newsletters, promos, etcetera).
  6. Note who is viewing your profile, this will show on the right side of your profile, to see if you know any of them.
  7. Update your signature line by using the Email Signature Tool; select the Professional Profile link as well as the “see who we have in common” link as this will help you build awareness of other LinkedIn members.
  8. LinkedIn has a variety of tools designed to build and promote your site, take some time to explore and implement them. Some of them include the “Share on LinkedIn plugin” and the ”Recommend with LinkedIn” button
  9. Take advantage of the RSS feed. Be sure to go to the “Account Settings” page, select “Account” and then enable the “Get LinkedIn RSS feed” feature so you can easily take advantage of the latest news and updates.

As you include these actions as part of your LinkedIn profile, you will increase awareness of who you are and what your company offers. This will help you expand your company’s opportunities and offers while at the same time add more online credibility. You may even discover a new employee who is perfect for your company’s needs.

Simply put, LinkedIn is a valuable tool-whether you own your own business or are simply looking for a way to connect with others in your industry. If you are not fully utilizing your LinkedIn profile, make it a point to do so. Start making use of the many tools LinkedIn, as well as other social media sites, have to offer to business owners and you’ll find that you start getting more leads and referrals that you would have missed otherwise.