1. Mobile First Developer Raleigh NC

    What is the Big Deal about “Mobile First?”

    Although mobile first is not a new concept, it has become much more important than perhaps anticipated. In fact, since July 1, 2019, Google has been using mobile first as its default for all new web domains. Based on its name, one can easily surmise that search engines will shift towards a website designed for a mobile device first, and standard website design next.

  2. Mobile-friendly websites

    How to Design a Mobile Website That Works

    Have you joined the mobile-friendly website bandwagon? Still holding out due to uncertainty that it’s really necessary? Consider this. Analysts predict that by 2017 two out of three users worldwide will access content via mobile device rather than a personal computer.

    Being halfway through the third quarter of 2016, it’s a good time to optimize your site for mobile and be ready to engage as many holiday shoppers as possible. 

  3. 7 Mobile Website Design Trends

    If you have yet to upgrade your website to a being mobile-friendly, then you are missing a large number of opportunities for increasing your client base. Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices that allow one to surf the Web, it is imperative that businesses take advantage of a mobile website design. “But, what should a mobile website design look like?” you may ask. Here is a list of the top mobile design trends you should consider including as part of your mobile website design.