The large desk calendar. The abundance of manila folders. The Rolodex. The business card. If you think back to the average desk from 30 years ago, these were common items found in any office. And, all of them served their purpose and allowed companies to be effective and efficient. But while these items can still be useful, modern technology has definitely taken a lead role- especially that of the website over the business card.

While a business card still has its perks, not the least of which being those ‘free lunch’ business card drawings, there are many reasons to consider putting a great deal of your resources into the building, maintaining, and updating your company website. In fact, it can easily be said that a website is far more valuable than a business card- as nice as those little cards might be!

7 Reasons Why Having a Website Trumps a Business Card

According to a recent survey, it was found that 35-40% of small businesses don’t have a website. And while the survey didn’t note the converse of this, chances are high that these companies are likely relying on business cards, word of mouth advertising, or perhaps social media platforms to get their message out for them. However, in a day where the majority of consumers are going to use a mobile device to do their research, a website is a must. Here are some key reasons to be sure you have a website, and not just a business card.

  1. Making an Impression. Sure, having that face-to-face interaction with a new client is great, and offers the chance to pass on a business but the reality is that many people will not recall everything about your business and the services you offer after just a conversation. You need to have somewhere they can look to do more research or share who you are with others. This is why a website will make a bigger impression. Want to combine the personal touch with the digital- be sure to list your website on your business card! It may even be that your website makes a bigger impression than the face-to-face interaction.
  2. Branding. Having a website makes it easier to be consistent with your branding. Sure, you can make sure that your company logo on your business card matches that on your website and social media platforms, but what happens if you decided to change the colors, a phone number, or your motto? Then all those business cards can become a hindrance as you have to explain to people why your card lacks the correct information. However, with a website, you can easily change things to meet your branding needs or changes.
  3. Unlimited Content. Your website will always be changing – especially as it grows. In addition, there are many more ways to make your website engaging. You can add music, media, sales items, collect profiles, and many other facets to a website – and it will only cost you a little time. With a business card, the content is static. Again, business cards are not bad- just keep in mind that they need to keep up with your changes or you should endeavor to keep your card simple with just your company name, basic contact information, website, and perhaps your logo.
  4. Keep up with the Competition. You can’t track what is happening when you hand out a business card- other than knowing how many cards you have handed out. In addition, your ability to network with large groups of people at any time of day is limited. With a website, you can track the number of guests, sales, and how to increase your traffic. And, people don’t have to contact or interact with you during standard business hours. Of course, a business card with your website listed means that if people put the card info into a mobile device, they can then look up your website at a later date, and then you might have an ROI on passing out business cards.
  5. It’s a Powerful Sales Tool. Your business card is not designed to promote sales. Yes, it can lead people to your website but that’s it. It will be your website that people visit to make their purchase. After all, you can’t put a product description on a business card!
  6. Customer Relations. Having a website allows you to interact with more people because it can be designed to acquire specific information about those who visit. In addition, you can use tools such as Google Analytics to help you craft your website to meet specific criteria. A business card is often a shot in the dark because you can’t be sure if the person taking your card is truly interested and will be following up with your or are merely accepting your card ‘just to be nice.’
  7. Wider Reach. Unless you are the speaker at an event, then you are limited as to how many people you can reach at a single networking event. (And in the current world in which we live, those large networking opportunities are limited!) When you have the opportunity to connect with potential clients – say a room of 200 people- it will be difficult to get your business card in the hands of every attendee. However, a website means that even if you can’t interact with everyone at an event, a website affords people all around the globe to find you and secure your services or offerings.

Keep in mind that we have not said that the business card is obsolete. It’s not. However, your business card is merely the open door to who you are and what you have to offer. Yes, you should have them available to hand out at conferences, networking events, the people you meet in the community, and so on but without having a website you will miss out on aspects such as branding and marketing, building credibility, and making a lasting impression.

If you are still running a business without a website, now is the time to make a move into the digital marketing world. No, don’t toss out the box of business cards quite yet- just update them to include your new website! Need help developing and designing your website – or perhaps updating an out-of-date existing website? Then now is the time to contact Page Progressive. We would love to help you take your company to next level!