Look at your phone’s home screen.

Chances are, you will see apps for banking, for tracking the weather, shopping apps, ones that keep you on schedule, work related apps, and most likely, at least one type of social media app. If you are a business owner using WooCommerce, then it is important that you know about a newcomer to the Android world of apps – the WooCommerce app. (It should be noted that this is not WooCommerce’s first venture into apps, as they already had one designed for IOS – which was improved with this new app.)

Recently released by WooCommerce, their app is designed to make managing your online business easier than ever. It offers a variety of features especially designed with your needs in mind – and is already being shown to be a valuable tool for those with WooCommerce sites.

Powered by Jetpack, the app works with both Android and iOS phones and is offers the following features:

  • Real-time order alerts – Like to be ‘in the know‘ regarding web sales? Then this is the answer. The WooCommerce app notifies you about store activity, product reviews and when new orders are placed. You can even choose to have a cha-ching sound as part of the notification.
  • Track your store – When you have multiple products available on your site, it is important to track which ones are doing the best so you can tweak your sales, promos and campaigns accordingly. The WooCommerce app lets you see which products are performing best at a specific day, time, week, month or year.
  • Manage orders – Look up specific orders, filter, or scroll through order activity, as well as view order information, such as value, customer data, shipping details, and notes, in addition to basic order fulfillment.

Currently, the WooCommerce app does not allow users to add or edit products, or for switching between stores – but this is a good place to start. And, as the most popular shopping cart technology (used by 22% of the top one million websites) it is relatively safe to believe that WooCommerce will continue to expand their app’s capabilities to make it even more viable for ecommerce site owners.

As website designers, the Page Progressive team works to stay up to date on all aspects of the Web. As we design many WooCommerce based business, we wanted you to be aware of this new app. You can download the app on the WooCommerce site.

If you have any questions about your site or concerns regarding the WooCommerce app, please feel free to reach out to a Raleigh, Page Progressive team member.