Here are eight ways to get more mileage as a business from the new Facebook news feeds:

  1. Publish more visual content. Incorporate a photo or video into your posts to garner more pick up in the types of news feeds your fans are choosing. (Some may opt for a news feed of images and exclude ‘text only’ posts.)
  2. Plan photo-focused ads. Pair strong, persuasive copy with an engaging photo in your ads. (Avoid using ‘random,’ uninteresting photos.)
  3. Keep your copy short. With the emphasis on photos, Facebook has changed how it displays captions. They no longer appear below the photos but overlay them in the news feeds. Keep your copy brief, informative and engaging. Use a call to action to engage your fans.
  4. Focus more on your messengers. Know your Facebook fans and what they love, and post content they will want to share with their friends. Doing so is the best way to build your following.
  5. Create more compelling content. Facebook now shares ‘top’ articles similarly to LinkedIn. Posting compelling content that will be shared by others can help you stand out from the crowd.
  6. Integrate your Facebook and Pinterest strategy. About 98 percent of Pinterest users are also on Facebook or Twitter. And 21 percent of them have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest. Incorporating Pinterest along with Facebook posts may improve your sales conversion rate.
  7. Encourage users to ‘check in’ to your business whenever they visit your physical location. From FourSquare to Google Places to Facebook, people can check-in, rate their experience and potentially recommend your place of business.
  8. Increase “Likes” on your page. Here are some hints for doing so:
  • Share posts from your Facebook business page on your personal Facebook wall.
  • Send personal invitations to like your page to your friends, family and employees
  • Tag people and places in your posts as well as any other business you work with or for
  • Like Facebook pages of local businesses that are not in competition with your line of work
  • Use posts that ask viewers to “Click ‘Like’ if….” Choose these posts carefully; use this when you expect the majority (60-100 percent) will like it.
  • Display photos of your products or images that depict your services.

Your business can benefit from the latest changes on Facebook when you incorporate suggestions such as these. This popular social media platform changes frequently; but with perseverance, you’ll find it offers opportunity for promoting your business or cause. If you have questions about Facebook marketing, please contact us here!