Well, I’m sitting in a workshop on blogging this morning. Although I’ve been blogging for years, I figured it’s always a good idea to keep learning and it never fails to surprise me how much there is to know, even on a topic that you consider yourself an expert in. I figured I’d take the opportunity to blog about it 🙂 The speaker for this event was Denise Tawwab and you can check out her website here: http://ncconnected.org

The bad news – In the pre "Web 2.0" world, when customers or
clients were disgruntled, they would typically call your support number
and let you know…and perhaps, at worst, tell a few of their friends.
But with the current online social media phenomena, if you make a
client unhappy, they are only a few clicks away from telling the whole
world about it. And posts on the internet never go away.

The good news
– Because of the accessibility, you can wield the power to promote your
company in a very large arena with a very small budget. All it takes is
your time.

Types of Blogs:

  1. CEO Blog – this is when the owner of a company blogs, usually for promoting the business or industries related to the business
  2. Executive Blog – Just like #1, but involves a group of people
  3. Group Blog – When any group of people share a blog
  4. Company – supported Blog – When employees are encouraged to blog internally to the company
  5. Topical Blog – Blogging on a particular topic (duh!)
  6. Promotional Blog – Blogging for the purpose of promoting something
  7. Advocacy Blog – Blogging for the purpose of raising awareness about something


For 50 Power Tips for Blogging, view Denise’s blog here: http://denisetawwab.wordpress.com