Here we are a good way through 2009 and an interesting trend has emerged. Despite the national economic resession, studies are showing that online advertising has not decreased, unlike most other traditional advertising means such as television and radio ads, which have dropped by approximately 15%. Many attribute this stability in the internet marketing industry to the fact that most website advertisments are charged per-click rather than a blanket charge per month regardless of success, as is the case with other advertising avenues.

That means that advertisers aren’t spending money if potential customers are not clicking on their ads, and anyone that has run a TV or radio ad knows that there are times when it’s questionable whether your ad is getting noticed and if it’s worth the significant investment. Another advantage of online advertising is the wealth of statistics you get on clicks, amount of time someone spends on your site, what time of day the most clicks occur and more. That allows advertisers to make more educated decisions on how they run their online advertising campaign.

So if you’ve not already taken advantage of the wonderful advertising programs that Google, Facebook and other internet advertisers have to offer, it may be a good time to get in the know.