Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must if you want an effective website that search engines can easily parse and recommend it to people who search for content that you write about. While many companies are turning to AI-generated content to save time, remember that Google is looking for high-quality content that engage people. Consequently, companies still posting content created “the old-fashioned way” have the potential to stand out from their competitors simply by taking the time to write their own content. Of course, there is a bit more to it than just having content. You need to implement the tactics and tools required to make the most of local SEO.

By intentionally focusing on your local SEO approach, you can take your company to the next level. Effective local SEO will ensure your business shares helpful information while being authentic and building trust.

There are many ways to leverage your local SEO efforts, both internally and externally. To take your company and website to the next level, you will need to improve both sides.

Internal Local SEO Tactics

Local Keyword Research

Using a tool such as Moz Keyword Research, Google Ads Keyword Plan, Ahrefs and others, look up search terms that customers in your area use to find services for your industry. While the boxes to be checked vary from tool to tool, take the time to select the filters that will give you a target list for your region. Then, take a moment to narrow down the list by the top-ranking terms.

Have Locally Significant Content

Are there other businesses in your area related to what you do but not in competition with you? Then, mentioning them in a blog post or social media post can help generate local interest.

If there isn’t a complementary business you can mention, or perhaps you want to take a different approach, consider writing specific How-To guides or tutorials that can help your local customers solve problems. For instance, if you live in an area where flooding is common and you provide landscaping services, consider writing a how–to article on creating a barrier or designing a decorative run-off point.

Local Link Building

Building backlinks (links from sites not your own) is essential to SEO. Having backlinks from other respected area businesses goes a long way toward building credibility and authenticity. This happens organically over time as you produce valuable content. Beware of “Link Building” services which try to manipulate Google’s algorithm with a ton of spammy content that links back to your website – hint, it typically doesn’t work in the long run. A good way to learn more about where possible link building opportunities may lie is the SEMRush Link Building Tool.

Use Videos

Guests want to know you are real. Create behind-the-scenes videos, do recorded interviews, start a Vlog with DIY tips or helpful tutorials, etc., to let people see who you are as a company. This helps create brand awareness and puts a face on your company.

Clean up Your Site

Spend some time inspecting your site’s pages and content. Anything outdated or not getting the desired results should be updated or removed. From pictures of employees no longer with you to obsolete products or services, wrong contact information, and hours to broken URLs, having incorrect or ineffective content is a mark against you.

Mobile Search

The majority of the population now searches for information on a mobile device. Be sure your site is responsive so it can be viewed on any device. Your website design should also include plenty of white space, be easy to navigate, and use clickable tags.

Meta Data

Heading, subheadings, descriptions, and many other internal actions can be taken to make your site more interesting to search engine bots. Ensure you have used all the opportunities to add local landmarks, content, and interests to your metadata.

Monitor and Track Progress

You don’t want to make changes and just assume they are working. There are many tools available to help test and track your site’s progress so you can make adjustments as needed.

External Local SEO Tactics

Product Descriptions

Another way to incorporate local SEO is to give detailed explanations of your company’s products or services. If you can incorporate a local landmark or location in some of the descriptions, then do so. Remember, the goal is to boost local SEO.

Negative Reviews

Have someone prowl sites like Yelp, Google, social media platforms, the BBB, and others where people leave reviews. If there are negative reviews, do what you can to resolve the problem. There are some scenarios where a review can be removed, but strict guidelines must be followed. If possible, work to solve any negative comments swiftly, fairly, and respectfully.

Use Forums

Google has become increasingly focused on the authentic content and interactions that occur on forums. Whether you start a forum on your company site, set up a separate site as a forum, or get involved in an existing forum, this is a great way to improve local SEO. Just be sure to interact carefully and always represent your company in its best light.

Stay out of Politics

This is an election year, so it is easier than ever to offend someone by taking a position on a topic—no matter how innocuous. Choose your words carefully for social media posts, public interactions, and other interactions. Failing to do so may bring unanticipated and negative results.

Optimize Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile  is free and allows one to build and manage your online presence. Spend time creating a profile, posting images and videos, including current business hours and contact info, and any other info showing off your company.

Claim Local Listings

Check on local directories and ensure all the information is correct on every platform. Then, respond intentionally to comments, reviews, and other interactions. TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, and Angi (formerly Angie’s List) are common locations to check.

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