Think website hackers and data theft is a only concern for governments and large corporations? Think again. A recent Forbes article online reported that 40 percent of cyber attacks are against companies with fewer than 500 employees. Yet many small and medium-size businesses are not taking adequate security measures to protect their websites.

It is always wise to have systems in place for off-site file backup and malware protection.

A frequently used WordPress security plug-in, WebsiteDefender, has recently discontinued their “Pro” plan, which incorporated both malware scans and off-site backups. Therefore, we have a new recommendation for security:

Offsite Backups with BackupBuddy and Amazon S3

To make this transition, set up a free account with Amazon S3. Send your Amazon S3 server address, username and password to Page Progressive and we will install BackupBuddy on your site.

GeoTrust AntiMalware Scan

The GeoTrust product offers two options. The first scans five of your pages daily and costs $50 per year. The second scans fifty pages per year, provides a malware-free badge posted on your site, and costs $80 per year.

If you are interested in either of these products, please contact Page Progressive and we will set it up for you.

Sucuri AntiMalware Scans

Alternatively, if you are using BackupBuddy, then also consider using Sucuri’s anti-malware service ($76.49/year). It plugs right into BackupBuddy and they will monitor your website and clean up your website if it’s ever infected, or your money back.

Are These Services Really Necessary?

Recent reports cite that there are approximately 90,000 computers being used to “hack”  their way into WordPress sites. If this statistic does not convince you of the need for security measures, PC Solutions gives these additional reasons for setting up off-site data backup:

  • Recovery of your site data in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster.
  • Relatively low cost for even large amounts of data.
  • Easy access to your data via internet connection. Some providers have apps that are mobile friendly.
  • Automatic process does not require time or effort on your part.
  • Security of files in transit with advanced encryption methods.
  • Sync folder capability, making it easy to share files between computers and optionally with friends, family and coworkers (not available with all services).
  • Technical support teams to answer questions and help if any issues arise. Some are available 24/7.

Taking measures to protect your website is a wise business decision. If you have any questions about this or would like help installing security measures, please contact Page Progressive.

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