The basis of more than 73 million websites, WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems. It’s popular with web designers and end-users alike for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, its popularity can make it a target for hackers.

Taking proactive steps to secure your WordPress files is vital to protecting your web presence and your business. To start, we strongly advise you keep WordPress up-to-date on your site (new security features are often released with each version) and choose passwords that are difficult for hackers to guess.

Additionally, we recommend installing plugins that automatically scan for threats and create backups. There are a number of free and reasonably priced plugins available for this, including the three reviewed below.

Don’t wait until your site has been compromised by hackers before taking action. At that point it may be too late to restore your files and recover lost business.

If you have any questions about WordPress security, please call Page Progressive. Our design team is happy to answer your questions and install plugins that are best suited to secure your specific site.

Three Plugins for Site Protection

Anti-Malware (Free)

The security features of this WordPress plugin include:

  • Automatically removing known threats
  • Downloading definitions of new threats as they are discovered
  • Automatically patching WP login.php to block brute force attacks
  • Running a Quick Scan or a Complete Scan from the Settings page
  • Automatically upgrading versions of timthumb to patch security holes

To increase its effectiveness, register this plugin at Benefits for registering include automatic removal of new potential threats (as “known” definitions are updated).

Backup Buddy ($75 – $150)

This tool creates complete backups of your site files automatically (as you have scheduled), which enables you to fully restore your site should you have the need. It also has an accurate malware detection feature.

Benefits of using the Backup Buddy plugin include:

  • Provides a simple and quick way to backup and restore WordPress sites
  • Allows automatic backups at preset times
  • Supports transfer of full WordPress site between servers

Use Backup Buddy on up to two sites for $75, up to 10 sites for $100, and on unlimited sites for $150.

Threat Scan (Free)

Hackers gaining access to a site often deposit “hidden” code that disrupts normal functioning. This plugin searches for out-of-place elements in the content directory as well as the database. It does not correct problems but alerts you to potential issues so you can make necessary adjustments. This tool should be used in conjunction with one that automatically backs up your files, so that “clean” files can be replaced with the corrupted ones when they are found and identified.

When it comes to protecting your website from security risks, don’t take chances. Contact Page Progressive if you have any questions about procedures or plugins that can tighten your security.

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