So you want to develop a website where that you can track phone calls, emails and follow ups, as well as manage billing , inventory/ and the status of team projects. Or perhaps you want to create your own online community or social media website. No Problem! Thanks to the versatility of the open source programming language PHP, you can do that and more! Designed by Rasmus Lerdorf in order to pass his resume online and then collect data, PHP has continued to be used by web developers for a variety of needs and web-based applications.  PHP is lauded by programmers for many reasons, but these factors are best summed up as follows:

  • PHP can be used to create exceptional web pages and interact with info on the web
  • It can be used as a go between with users and databases (Such as MySQL)
  • Compatibility with almost any Internet server
  • PHP/MySQL-based open source solutions are free to use and can be found easily online, such as ImpressCMS or WordPress
  • The syntax is simple and has many similarities to C or Java. In addition, it can be used easily on Windows, Macs, UNIX and other programming platforms.
  • PHP, though free, is also secure, when used properly

PHP LogoSome of the more common uses of PHP programming are:

  • Online inventory management systems – track what you have in stock and who is ordering what products/service
  • Content management systems – manage your website yourself easily online
  • Online photo galleries – store photos of products, customers, family, etc.
  • Ecommerce systems –  sell products online with a shopping cart
  • Community social portals – create your own version of Facebook, perhaps?

In addition to the many uses of custom PHP development are several attractive benefits that make it practical for everyone involved. These benefits are because PHP is an open source framework.

  • PHP custom programming costs less than other languages, typically.
  • Because it is simple, it takes less time to have your website live.
  • The flexibility of PHP makes it perfect for an abundance of website designs and customization options.

PHP is one of the more versatile tools in the programmer’s toolbox. If you are looking for a way to ramp up your website, PHP is just the tool. Contact Page Progressive to see how custom PHP can be used to help you.