In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon wrote, “To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven.”  And when it comes to business and the world of social media that is no less true. While some business practices are constants, others change based on advancements in technology, social media practices, the way search engines process information and an assortment of other elements.

Consequently, the wise business owner will take the steps necessary to build and promote their business. Some of the ways to do that is by using social media and by choosing tools that will help you stay connected to what is being said about your business. To help you in the social media tool selection process, here are some tips for choosing specific types of tools.

How to Select the Best Social Media Tools for Your Business Needs

While only twelve social media tools were mentioned previously, there are hundreds to choose from. Consequently, deciding which social media tools are best for you can be tough. To help you in selecting social media tools for your business, Catalyst suggests that you ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I trying to accomplish?
  2. What is a realistic time frame for these goals to be accomplished in?
  3. What social media sites are most frequented by your clients?

Although the majority of people using social media appear to be on Facebook or Twitter, that doesn’t mean these are the only viable options. You may want to run a poll on your company blog to find out which sites your clientele frequents, so you can ensure that you connect with those you serve. In addition, knowing what social platforms your clients use will help you determine which social media tools will work best for your needs.

Selecting a Social Media Metrics Tool

If it is metrics you will be using a social media tool for, then you will want to keep these guidelines from’s Kristin Dziadul in mind:

  • An effective social media metrics tool will have a customizable dashboard.
  • The tool will provide analysis of several social media channels.
  • It can integrate with Google Analytics.
  • Has web monitoring that allows you to track comments anywhere on the Web.
  • The social media tool is easy to use.

Selecting Social Media Monitoring Tools

If you want to do more than track company metrics, then you may also be looking for a social media tool that allows you to monitor what is being said about your company around the Web. Consequently, you may be looking for a social media monitoring tool. Regarding Web monitoring and social media tools, My Venture offers these questions in helping select social media monitoring tools.

  1. Does the social media monitoring tool not only cover all the major networks but also the message boards, forums and niche B2B products and services?
  2. How frequently do you get alerts? Response time-especially on your part- is important in establishing a rapport with your clients.
  3. Does the tool do as good as others do in its class and is it priced accordingly?
  4. How much tech support is available?
  5. What type of reporting capabilities does the tool provide?
  6. Can the monitoring tool track social media mentions globally and in multiple languages? Of course, if you do not have an international business, this may not be as necessary.
  7. Can the social media tool monitor beyond social media? There is more to the Web than social media, so if you want to truly succeed, look for tools that integrate with other programs. Some of these are Vocus, Cision and Sysomos.

Remember, each element of the Web has a purpose, and social media tools are no different. Be sure to select the social media tools that can best improve your business. If you are unsure as to which social media tool(s) will be best for your business, give Page Progressive a call-we would love to help you get started.