Don’t you just love those advertisements that appear on the side of your screen when you do a web search? Have you ever given them much thought? Maybe you have even considered advertising your company on Google searches. If so, then you need to establish a Google AdWords account. In the Raleigh area, you will find several Google AdWords set up and management specialists, such as Page Progressive. In fact, we currently have coupons for a free $100 credit on new AdWords accounts and we would love to share them with you – no strings attached.

If you have only a passing knowledge of AdWords, then you may wish to learn more about how to use them to best benefit you. We’re an authorized partner with Google AdWords  and we can provide you with numerous management tips for using AdWords accounts efficiently and effectively.

The Basics of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform that allows you to display ads for your business on Google’s search engine, assorted websites and services, search engine partners and websites all across the web based on a pay-per-click principle. However, there is a bit more involved the merely placing an ad. Other factors involved are the ad itself, the landing page, your product and your price.

  1. The Advertisement – Perhaps the most important element of the ad is the wording; this can make the difference between a high click through rate (CTR) or a plummeting return on investment (ROI). Take some time to study similar ads and see how your ad compares. In addition, be sure information is accurate, pleasing and attention grabbing.
  2. The Landing Page – The use of an effective landing page can be a significant boost in ROI. While the ad has a limited amount of space, an effective landing page can be used to direct guests toward the desired result.
  3. The Product – Be sure that the product looks good on the landing page and that it can deliver on the promises made.
  4. Price – Typically, consumers are looking as much at a solution or the potential of a product as they are the price; of course, that is not to say that price isn’t important. Making sure that you product is reasonably priced based on what it provides, can make a difference.
  5. The Unknown – Like in anything else in life, Google AdWords does have an element of the unknown. So, with the unknown in mind, you may want to run more than one Google AdWords campaign then track which one does the best. We can help you set up and manage AdWords activity so you can determine which campaign is most effective. Our Google AdWords specialists will then help you make the best decisions regarding your Google AdWords campaign.

You should also be aware of how to bid on your Google AdWords advertisement(s). A high bid does not necessarily mean a high placement on the display order, nor is the converse true. Rather AdWords display order is based more on how relevant the ad is to the search item. The rank is based largely on a quality score, which protects against unrelated search results on keywords by evaluating the relevancy of the ad being considered for a particular keyword. There are many other elements of making the most of your Google AdWords ad, and hiring a Raleigh Google AdWords management specialist will ensure that your Google advertisement is what you need it to be to increase your business’ visibility on the Web.

If you are considering a Google AdWords campaign and want to know more, please give us a call. We would love to help you build your own Google campaign.