1. Fast Loading Websites Raleigh

    How Important is a Fast Loading Website in 2017 and Beyond?

    Did you know……

    • Research from DoubleClick (owned by Google) revealed that sites 53% of mobile sites are abandoned if the page took more than 3 seconds to load.
    • A presentation by AliExpress claimed they reduced load time for their pages by 36% and recorded a 10.5% increase in orders and a 27% increase in conversion rates for new customers.
    • recorded a 7% positive rise in conversions after improving the render time of web pages by 68%, reducing page bloat by 46% and reducing load time by 64%.

    As consumers, we like things fast. Fast money, fast cars, fast results, and fast food are but a few examples of the value we place on fast services or results we deem important. Consequently, it no surprise that we also expect our internet to be fast and websites we visit to be loaded quickly. In fact, this need for speed on the Web has resulted in Google determining earlier this year to include Site Speed as a ranking factor in search results.

  2. Local Google Search Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

    When you’re looking for a local business – from restaurants to florists, auto mechanics to dentists – where do you turn? Most of us pick up an electronic device and enter key words into a search engine. Therefore it is vital for local businesses to have online listings that are current, accurate and easy to find. Tools such as “Google My Business” are helpful for managing your online listings. Here are some basic guidelines to get the most mileage from your listings:

  3. Google Search Optimization Raleigh

    Google Search Update: Penalties for Using Pop-Ups

    If you, like many others, are aggravated when you visit a website and are greeted with a pop-up window, Google’s latest announcement is sure to make you smile.

    Google will be penalizing those mobile sites that have intrusive full-page ads and interstitial ads, by making them appear lower in search engine results.

  4. Mobile-friendly websites, Google, Raleigh

    More Mobile-Friendly Google Search Coming April 21

    Have you typed a term into Google search on your phone recently? If so, you’re in good company – as some estimates say more than six out of every 10 Google searches are mobile. If you’ve been in the six or seven, did you find what you were looking for? Did your search results provide a link to a relevant, mobile-friendly site, one that could be viewed easily on your phone?

    Google wants to ensure its mobile users are getting “friendly” results. Consequently, in 10 days the company will institute a significant change in how it ranks pages in mobile searches.

  5. Website, SEO, Analytics

    5 Metrics to Monitor the Search Health of Your Website

    Increasingly, we’re hearing from clients and prospects who are seeking help with optimizing the online search results for their business website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of successful online marketing.

    Interested in knowing more about SEO? Check out our July post on the topic.  

    Once initial SEO measures are in place, it is important to monitor your results going forward. Doing so will keep you informed about what is and is not working and help you identify early-stage problems – like a “healthcare” check-up for your website. Each time you monitor your results, you will have information to help you make adjustments for maintaining or improving your search results.

  6. Google Places Helps Customers Find Your Business

    Where do you turn when you’re looking for a local business? Chances are you pull up Google and search either by business name or service. Gone are the days when you turn to the big Yellow Pages phone book stored on a shelf.

    Google Places is the new ”Yellow Pages.” This is particularly good news if you are a small business owner (especially one with a brick-and-mortar location) because Google Places listings are free. By simply claiming your listing and keeping it updated, you help customers and prospects find your business – both virtually and physically.

  7. How To Manage Your Online Reputation

    Have you searched for your name and business on Google and reviewed the results lately? Are you monitoring and managing your online reputation? What others are saying about you online can have a great impact on your business. In fact, it could have more impact than anything you have posted yourself (on your website, ads, social media, etc.)

  8. Goodbye Keyword Tool, Hello Keyword Planner

    Looking for Google’s Keyword Tool? You won’t find it. The search giant has replaced the well-known, frequently used search engine optimization (SEO) research tool with its new Keyword Planner.

    The Planner combines features of the previous Keyword Tool with the AdWords Traffic Estimator — both of which were general purpose tools. The primary focus of the Keyword Planner is making it easier for advertisers to create Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. With its “wizard” type interface, one article on SearchEngineLand calls it “an ultimate AdWords campaign building workshop.”